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Face-Off: Beyond: Two Souls on PS4

Built with PlayStation 4 specs in mind, Beyond: Two Souls' release on PS3 two years ago gave the console a bittersweet swansong. On the one hand, it struck a high standard in physically-based lighting... »

Watch: What makes for a memorable boss fight?

Hello, welcome to the weekend. What have you got planned? In between catching up on Jessica Jones and making a few too many bacon sandwiches, I'll be getting stuck into The Old Hunters, Bloodborne's n... »

Reporting on the Xbox 360: stories from behind the scenes

The Xbox 360 turned 10 this week, and we've been reminiscing about the wonderful console each day with articles about its influence, its best games and even its dashboard. Now though, it's time for so... »

Burnout studio Criterion helped make Star Wars Battlefront’s Speeders

Digital Foundry posted a video mash-up yesterday of Star Wars Battlefront versus Return of the Jedi, splicing together sections of Speeder Bike footage from both game and film such that it was hard to... »

PSN struggling under the weight of Black Friday

PlayStation Network is having a wobble, no doubt as a result of a wave of traffic fuelled by the Black Friday shopping event.At the time of publication, I can't sign into the PlayStation Store through... »

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