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The Witness 100 per cent speedrun world record includes 56 minute wait

Speedrunner FearfulFerret has set a world record for dashing through 100 per cent of The Witness' puzzles in three hours, 16 minutes and 21 seconds. At one point he leaves his apartment to drive to a ... »

Minimalist puzzle shooter Inversus heading to PS4 this year

Bungie lead sandbox engineer Ryan Juckett is bringing his perplexing minimalist shooter Inversus to PS4 and Steam later this year.Here's how it works: The black player can only move on white spaces, a... »

Firewatch players snap amazing in-game photos

Firewatch is a very pretty game with a very nifty feature: It allows you to order physical copies of its screenshots if played on Steam. As such, players have snapped some very impressive in-game pho... »

In Play: Games’ relationship with nature is weird

In Play is a column taking a weekly sideways look at new game releases. It's a bit like our old series Game of the Week, if you remember that. This week, scientists used lasers and mirrors to measu... »

Guitar Hero Live failed to do the business, too

Hot on the heels of Rock Band 4's failure to meet sales expectations, Activision has said Guitar Hero Live also didn't do the business.In a financial call last night, Activision said Guitar Hero Live,... »

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