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Shovel Knight the first indie game to get an Amiibo

Nintendo has revealed a Shovel Knight Amiibo - the first figurine to be based on an indie game.The retro platforming hero is also the first third-party character to get a figurine without appearing in... »

Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory director Clint Hocking returns to Ubisoft

Clint Hocking, key designer on Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, has returned to Ubisoft after leaving the company in 2010.Hocking joins Ubisoft Toronto not to work on the next Splinter Cell,... »

Valve’s virtual reality headset Vive gets “limited release” in 2015

It looks like most of us will have to wait until early 2016 before we can buy Valve's virtual reality headset the Vive.Valve said HTC will offer the first commercial Vive units via a "limited quantity... »

Steam hardware pre-orders score free Rocket League and Portal 2

If you pre-order any of the Steam hardware devices (Steam controller, Steam Link or Steam Machine) you get free copies of Rocket League and Portal 2.Rocket League has now sold more than 1m copies via ... »

Let’s talk about Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5's big global beta is going live tonight and - if all goes well, unlike last time out - it'll be playable throughout the bank holiday weekend. Two of team Eurogamer got on the regional... »

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