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New Spelunky world record set at $3,404,400

A new Spelunky World Record has been set at $3,404,400.Set by Jamie "Kinnijup" White, this new run is only one diamond ($4800) above the previous record of $3,399,600 performed in June by twigglefly.... »

Allison Road picked up by Team 17, Kickstarter cancelled

P.T. spiritual successor Allison Road has cancelled its Kickstarter campaign, but only because it's been picked up by a publisher: Team 17.The studio best known as the Worms developer, Team 17 is the ... »

Deus Ex Revision spruces up an old classic

The original Deus Ex just got prettier with the new mod Deus Ex Revision becoming a free download on Steam.Unlike most mods, this is officially authorised by publishers Square Enix and Eidos-Montreal... »

The Witcher 3 patch 1.10 gives PS4 the boost it’s been waiting for

This is the big one for The Witcher 3. Measuring in at 15GB on console, update 1.10 arrives with an essay's worth of patch notes - easily the biggest to date from CD Projekt Red. Among its 600 plus en... »

Friday the 13th multiplayer game pits seven counselors against Jason

Friday the 13th is getting an official licensed game that lets one player assume the role of Jason Voorhees while another seven are teenage counselors trying to escape Camp Crystal Lake.Originally dev... »

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