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$12,000 castles and $2100 deeds – inside Shroud of the Avatar’s booming housing market

The housing market is mental. Look at the horror stories that come from London, about beds in cupboards that cost £500 a month to rent - and they're not even Harry Potter themed. But people want... »

Dick heads up: Californium is coming to Steam next week

Philip K. Dick-inspired sci-fi adventure Californium will arrive on PC and Mac via Steam on 17th February, developer Darjeeling has announced.The Parisian developer's first-person adventure is touted ... »

Screencheat sneaks onto consoles next month

Screencheat - the experimental splitscreen first-person shooter where everyone is invisible and you have to gauge your opponents' location by looking at their quadrant of the screen - is coming to PS4... »

Rocket League scores on Xbox One next week

Rocket League is coming to Xbox One on 17th February, Microsoft has announced.It will cost $19.99 (about £14) and will include the following previously released DLC bundled into the game at no a... »

Hitman’s PC system requirements revealed

Hitman's closed beta is going live next week on PC for pre-order customers and publisher Square-Enix has revealed the system specs on Steam. They are as follows:Minimum:Recommended:Read more… »

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