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Sea of Thieves closed alpha launches next weekend on Xbox One

Last month Sea of Thieves developer Rare launched an Insider Programme allowing excited fans the chance to partake in early alpha and beta tests for the in-development pirate game. Now Rare has confir... »

NieR: Automata’s PS4 demo draws nier

NieR: Automata, Platinum Games' sequel to Square Enix's delightfully bonkers action-adventure Nier, is getting a PS4 demo on 22nd December.The demo will be set in an abandoned factory as android 2B a... »

Naughty Dog teased The Last of Us 2 back in September and no one noticed

An official The Last of Us poster teased the game's sequel back in September, fans have now realised.The artwork, created by famed designer Mondo, was released for The Last of Us' annual "Outbreak Day... »

Watch: See how the Crash Bandicoot remaster holds up to the originals

The fans asked for it, and now they have it. After what felt like years of teases and cameos, Crash Bandicoot is back. Kind of. Vicarious Visions, developers of countless Skylanders games, is remaster... »

Watch: We made mirelurk cakes from Fallout

The food you stumble across in the Fallout universe tends to fall into two camps; surviving products from before the bombs fell (three cheers for preservatives) and dodgy looking cuisine made from wha... »

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