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Final I Am Alive Developer Diary Reveals More Survival Details

What we're hearing from sources follow a Forbes rumour last week that chip-maker AMD would make the graphics chip for a PS4, a shift from the PS3's use of a graphics chip from AMD rival Nvidia. The abandonment of the Cell architecture would thrill the many game developers who have struggled with the complex chipset, but it could also be viewed as the admission of a mistake. Cell was the ... »

PS Vita Sells Over 1.2 Million Units

Earlier today, I was navigating the website when I noticed a new bundle with an alarming new accessory. If you look at the picture that is posted above there appears to be a new controller coming with the limited edition bundle that appears to only be useable by gamers that are left-handed. Could this be a mistake, or have they inadvertently announced a new type Xbox controller for this b... »

Free DLC For PES 2012 Coming Next Week

Ubisoft Shanghai have put together their final Developer Diary video for their upcoming survival game I Am Alive, and following on from their last couple of trailers, which focused on climbing and enemies, this latest video takes a good long look at the Environment players will find themselves in, the weaponry that will be part of their arsenal and the Stamina system that is involved in all of you... »

Microsoft’s Mistake or New Left-Handed Controller?

Konami bring the goods with some new DLC updates for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 – And it’s FREE! Konami have just announced that the latest update for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 will be available on March 6th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC versions of the game. This free content will update all of the game’s team rosters, including all of the transfers that took place during... »

Pokémon Black & White 2 Announced

Nintendo has been on a steady burn as of late. They have had some pretty steady releases of great content across all their platforms (look into ‘The Last Story’ if you haven’t yet). The great content hitting Nintendo’s current platform, is also promised to be included into their upcoming release of the Wii-U. According to Nintendo the dual-device is promised to have a great... »

Ps Vita – Did Sony Just Beat Nintendo & Microsoft To The Punch..

Folks, we have to talk about something. People in some corners of the internet think that offering downloadable content (DLC) on the same day a game releases is shady business. Angry customers assume that such a release schedule is only possible if developers completed the extra content and the main content on the disc at the same time. Then they accuse the game’s creators of taking content ... »

Day-one DLC is not a cash grab

Sony has announced that the sales of the PlayStation Vita has reached 1.2 million worldwide as of February 26, 2012. Software sales across the globe have surpassed 2 million units at both retail and on PlayStation Network. “PS Vita was designed to deliver the ultimate portable entertainment experience, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the reaction we’re seeing from consumers... »

Xbox Live Accounts Still Being Hacked

This week’s all format chart makes for particularly interesting viewing, since it follows the first full week of Vita related retail goodness. The top two titles this week are Vita launch titles, and perhaps unsurprisingly the impressive Uncharted: Golden Abyss takes the launch title crown, just pipping FIFA Football to the post while last weeks number one UFC Undisputed 3 slips down to 3. T... »

UK Charts – The First Week of Vita

Last year, the latest games in the Pokémon series – Pokémon Black and Pokémon White – came out and obviously, true to form, sold an awful lot. Within the first 10 days, both games sold over one million copies in Europe alone. People were awaiting an announcement for a new Pokémon. But the one question on everyone’s lips was…what colour will they choose?!... »

Patcher: "Wii U won't save Nintendo"; "35% of Wii customers lost to FB and phones"

With Reflex GT 8 over and the very first of the playstation 3 Reflex GTs it was a huge success. With the turn out of 20 teams there was two teams in particular that stood out to me through the whole of the tournamant and with them both reaching the finals the match up was superb, the two teams i am talking about are apeX and RoughNex. With them both striding into the grand finals of Reflex GT 8 kn... »

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