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Black Ops 2 Map Pack DLC! – "Revolution" | Release Date + Pictures!

The National Rifle Association has laid part of the blame for last week's Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting on video games. “There exists in this country a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells, and sows, violence against its own people,” NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre said in a televised press conference this morning, partially captured by Ko... »

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks for Solid Gameplay


NRA calls games a "corrupting shadow industry"

Probably the biggest reason that keeps Halo players coming back for more every day is the multi-kills. In case you weren't aware, in Halo, between each kill you have 4.5 seconds to chain them together in a multi-kill. So after killing the first, you'll have 4.5 seconds to finish off the next guy for a Double Kill. I believe it's one of the key things that makes Halo so addicting. Th... »

Sony Has Stopped Japanese Imported Shipments of the PlayStation 2

Japanese imported shipments of the Sony PlayStation 2 have ceased state reports. The console which launched in 2000, has sold over 150 million units across the world. Even after its successor launched in ’06, the PS2 was still a powerhouse in certain territories. Games have obviously been lacking on the system for a number of years, but annualised sports games still made appearances on the m... »

New Playstation Store exploit lets you see next week’s Plus titles

How many times have you waited for the Monday Plus announcement, only to be disappointed by another “lame” week? Well this is a thing of the past (for now anyway), since this new exploit lets you see some of the content coming next week on the PlayStation Store. Thanks to a finding by Jmes99, you can apparently view some of next weeks content by simply setting your clock ahead 1 week. ... »

Inevitability Rears Its Head as Call of Duty Sales May Be Lower Than Usual

Call of Duty haters may not want to rejoice just yet, though. The videogame industry lacks any single, reliable sales tracker, particularly when accounting for digital sales, which is absolutely crucial for getting a full picture of the industry. Despite this, Call of Duty is widely accepted as the dominant franchise, at least as far as traditional videogame releases go. Year after year, the serie... »

GAME Mentions Multiplayer in Tomb Raider Listing

UK games retailer GAME detailed a multiplayer mode in the upcoming Lara Croft reboot, but it has since been removed from their product listing, AllGamesBeta reported. Along with various things that everyone is already aware of, the listing now notes some of the game’s E3 awards, instead of what it initially said; Survive as a Team: Play a variety of multiplayer modes as Lara’s Shipmate... »

Retailer Cuts Price of PS3 Slim Dramatically

HMV, a UK retailer, has cut the price of the 12GB PlayStation 3 Slim console to just £119.99 (including free delivery) following offers from other retailers such as GAME, who cut the price of the console to just £125. This represents an affordable option for those who wish to upgrade their current PlayStation 3 consoles, or for those who’ve never previously thought of buying a PS3.... »

Aliens: Colonial Marines Story Trailer

2013 looks set to be a stellar year for videogames with some extraordinary releases heading our way right off the bat (DmC: Devil May Cry hits shelves in January), and one of the most anticipated titles of the first quarter is Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox Software’s nerve-shredding homage to James Cameron’s sci-fi masterpiece. While we’ve seen several trailers showing the ne... »

A look back at 2012

We all know that 2012 was a testing year in more ways that one, however the world kept spinning, we kept breathing and occasionally one of us lost a loved one that cannot be replaced. A lot of us would see this as another year of the same, unfortunately, it gets worse the older you get, however there is a lot of joy to receive also from the same year. It's not all doom and gloom, we have made... »

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