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Frostbite 3 in Battlefield 4, Offering a Memorable Gaming Experience

Frostbite 3 in Battlefield 4 – Patrick Bach, the game developer first person shooter (FPS) Battlefield 4 were satisfied with the ability of the game engine Frostbite 3. He reveals, Battlefield 4 powered Frostbite 3 will offer a memorable gaming experience. Reported by VG247, in conversation with Eurogamer, Bach revealed that grows from 3 Frostbite game engine Frostbite 2. “Frostbite is... »

Nintendo’s untapped options to expand revenue

With Nintendo’s revenue streams facing increasingly difficult circumstances, we take a look at avenues that they are yet to utilise Nintendo World Stores Currently only situated within New York, Nintendo World is described by the company as being “a premiere destination for family entertainment.” Games, accessories, exclusive apparel and merchandise mountains, it’s a treasu... »

Did Microsoft Vastly Underestimate The Release Date of the Playstation 4 And Enter Damage Control Mode As A Result

GameStop has blamed a lack of blockbuster games and a misguided marketing campaign on what it says are 'disappointing' Wii U sales. Speaking during an earnings call today, GameStop execs called Wii U's sales “disappointing”, despite the sales figures that “exceeded our expectations” in its launch month of November 2012. The retailer blamed Nintendo's mar... »

YouTube reveals new live-streaming support for game developers

There has been much speculation about the PlayStation 4 ever since Sony announced it back in February. Aside from the usual things such as pricing, specs, titles, and features, one of the biggest questions from gamers has been what Microsoft’s response would be and when they would announce their new system. Conventional wisdom has Microsoft announcing the successor to the Xbox 360 during the... »

AMD on the PS4: We gave it the hardware Nvidia couldn't

AMD came roaring into GDC 2013 with a vengeance. Not only did the chipmaker introduce its first branded line of dedicated cloud gaming graphics cards – the Radeon Sky Series – we got a taste of what it claims is the world's fastest GPU. Attendees of a Tuesday night press conference saw the GPU, the Radeon HD 7990, make its first public appearance. Later, a set of 7990s powered EA&... »

GameStop blames 'disappointing' Wii U sales on lack of games, marketing

New development API will, according to the GDC announcement, simplify the process of allowing live-streaming in new games. According to The Verge, the new API will simply allow developers to send YouTube a video feed from their games, and YouTube will handle the transcoding process and broadcast it live. This is said to be similar to tech previously used in games such as Black Ops 2, which lets us... »

New Warface Trailer Takes a Look at Both Sides of the Conflict

Players will get to enter a near future warzone, in the new online first person shooter title from Crytek Kiev – Warface. The game features rival armies Blackwood and Warface going up against one another – players will need to pick a side. A brand new trailer has been released for the title, which takes a closer look at the two sides in this conflict in this free-to-play shooter. The v... »

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall

Dishonored, a first person shooter with surprising depth, surprised many when it released last year. Its combination of stealth, multiple paths, complex objectives, and incredibly well-realised alternate reality setting created a strong following for what many hope will become a fully-fledged, multi-title franchise in the future. To help bridge the gap, between now and the future, Bethesda and dev... »

Xbox 360 camo controller revealed

Microsoft today announced a new special edition camouflage wireless Xbox 360 controller. The new input, which features the updated transforming D-pad, will launch exclusively at Wal-Mart in May for $55. The new controller will be available outside of the United States in “select” regions also in May. Pricing and specific region availability for international markets was not divulged. T... »

Achievements List for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Suggests Standalone XBLA Game on the Way

A listing for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon showed it’s face this morning, suggesting that the rumoured continuation of last year’s smash hit, Far Cry 3, will be a standalone digital release. The listing, which points out 400G’s worth of gamerpoint goodness, appeared on Exophase this morning. 400G is the standard score given out for an Xbox Live Arcade game these days since the score c... »

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