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Development On Watch Dogs Began In 2009

Ubisoft has revealed that they began crafting the early stages of their newest IP, Watch Dogs, as far back as 2009. The snippet of information was revealed by the game's senior producer Dominic Guay in a new interview with Turkish site Merlin'In Kazani. Guay was fending off comments about the game being inspired by the popular TV show “Person of Interest”, which first aired i... »

North American Release of Warface Gone From Trion Worlds Website

“What, did they go and fire more people?” More news from Trion Worlds, but this time it does not involve stripping their studio dev teams down even further. Rather, the publishing giant looks like it is taking its restructuring efforts to new places, because Crytek’s free to play first-person shooter Warface, due to be published for a North American audience by Trion Worlds, disa... »

Call of Duty: Ghosts Confirmed for Wii U?

While Call of Duty: Ghosts has been confirmed for other platforms for a while now, we have not had a Wii U version confirmed yet (though the Nintendo versions do tend to get confirmations later). Due to the struggling sales of the Wii U, Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC never made its way to Wii U (though this was likely not the only reason), and it has put a Wii U version of Call of Duty: Ghosts in... »

Xbox One and PS4 interest ‘balanced’ suggests retailer

It's too close to call between the Xbox One and PS4 Ahead of the impending Xbox One and PS4 release dates, a specialist entertainment retailer has suggested that interest in the two consoles is currently “pretty balanced.” With a back and forth of consumer interest flitting between the two consoles, Microsoft and Sony are reportedly neck-and-neck in a bid to tempt potential custom... »

Batman Arkham Origins Media Promo Kit Leaked

The following images have been leaked by Gameinformer, these are photos of the official media promo kit for Batman: Arkham Origins. The bundle in its entirety includes: A T-shirt Gotham City Police bulletin Surveillance photos of Batman Assassin Contract Strategic Map File signed by Police Comissioner Gillian Loeb (as seen in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One). You can check them all out below... »

Shuhei Yoshida Re-Confirms no Power Brick for PS4, Console Size is “Very Close to the 2nd Gen PS3, and PS4 is Slimmer” (Update)

Update: Shuhei also answered some Twitter questions by stating that his favorite genre is action-adventure, the PS4 stand will be sold separately, and, when asked if the DualShock 4 analog stick would “still get that layer of slime like the PS3′s did when you didn’t use them for a while?,” he replied with: The material is different from PS3′s, so hopefully not. Origin... »

MU Rebirth features revealed: Fast leveling and rebirth option

Discover the standout features of free to play mmo maker Webzen's newest title, MU: Rebirth. MU: Rebirth is technically a tweaked version of MU Online, but with faster leveling, a rebirth option, free items and more focus on PvP. These four MU: Rebirth features will be the core appeal of MU: Rebirth, and seems like a strategy to capture both casual and hardcore gamers. Casual gamers will of c... »

Microsoft issues statement to explain Xbox One headset compatibility

Microsoft has issued a new statement explaining that existing Xbox 360 headsets, that used the controller’s standardised 2.5mm audio port, will not be compatible with the Xbox One due to the new controller’s revamped accessory port. The Wireless Controller has been redesigned to allow for higher data transfer speed between the controller and the console. This also required creating a n... »

The Last of Us Patch 1.02 Released, Includes Multiplayer Changes and Sex Phone Number Tweak

To help further improve your experience within The Last of Us, Naughty Dog has released patch 1.02 for the title, which includes multiplayer changes, as well as what seems to be a fix for a number to a phone sex hotline that was mistakenly included with the game at launch. Check out all the patch notes below: Single player Texture of a phone number on a bulletin board changed Multiplayer Technical... »

Saints Or Sinners

The hype around GTA V has been never-ending but during development time of the game, Saint's Row has filled a gap where insanity meets the street. Could Saint's Row IV keep hold of some of those that love street games? It's unlikely, over one of the biggest games with a virtually open world map. Not to mention that are currently offering £5 off the preorder with code... »

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