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How Need for Speed: Rivals will differ on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

“There's a trend for more open world, more freedom, less choreography.” Need for Speed: Rivals creative director Craig Sullivan has been talking about the perks of creating games for next generation platforms. “With the power of next-gen, we can have stormy days,” Sullivan told the site. “You can drive into that forest you saw in the press conference where it was... »

Nvidia GeForce 326.41 Beta – Fixes Game Crashes, Improves Metro: Last Light’s DLC Performance

Nvidia has released a new beta driver for its graphics cards. According to its release notes, this new driver addresses the crashes that were spotted in games like Remember Me and Deadlight, improves performance in Metro Last Light Faction DLC, fixes Half-Life 2 framerate drops to single digits when Ambient Occlusion is enabled in SLI mode, and removes the black edges that were found in BF3 when M... »

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Won’t Have a Character Creation Benchmark for PS3

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players are eagerly awaiting for the release of the new benchmark that is scheduled to happen on August the 1st, especially because it’ll include a character creation utility that will allow new players to actually create and customize their characters and save their appearance, in order to load and use it when the game will go in open beta and then hit the ... »

Bioshock Infinite Clash in the Clouds DLC Out Today

Irrational Games have revealed their DLC plans for Bioshock Infinite and plan to release the first piece of content today. Clash in the Clouds is arena-based DLC focusing on the games lushious combat and bringing with it the series’ first horde mode. Playing as a mute Booker and Elizabeth, CITC has four maps based on areas from the single player game including areas based on Emporia Arcade a... »

New Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Multiplayer Screenshots Released

Ubisoft have revealed some new screenshots related to the multiplayer side of Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag, and we’ve got them for you to check out. The multiplayer of the Assassins Creed franchise is something we all seem to have enjoyed dabbling with, now and again, and judging from these screens it looks like Ubisoft are going all out with the AC4 multiplayer. Lots of customisation... »

PES 2014 Includes Argentinian Premier Division Teams

Konami has announced that the 20 football clubs that make up Argentina’s Primera División will be joining Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. In an agreement with the Argentinian Football Association, Argentinos Juniors, Arsenal, Atlético de Rafaela, Belgrano, Boca Juniors, Colón, Estudiantes, Gimnasia y Esgrima, Godoy Cruz, Lanús, Newell’s Old Boys, Olimpo, Quilmes, Racing,... »

New GTA V Screenshots Look Incredible

Rockstar Games has released a new set of screenshots focusing on many of the different facets of life in Grand Theft Auto V. The images look absolutely stunning and would even fuel some PC or next generation speculation. One thing we don’t have to speculate on is everyone’s favourite 80s band – Trevor is wearing a Love Fist t-shirt in one of the shots. LOVE FIST! More news is set... »

UK Supermarket Asda No Longer Stocking Wii U Consoles and Software

UK Supermarket chain Asda has said that it will no longer stock Wii U hardware and software in its 555 stores in the UK. Considering that Asda is the second largest chain in the United Kingdom, this is a massive blow for Nintendo. Although the retail outlet has said that they will not be selling Wii U items in-store, Asda customers can purchase a very limited range of Wii U related things through ... »

Saints Row IV Denied Australian Release

Australians hoping to brighten up their summer of sporting failure with some video game insanity will be disappointed now that the latest Saints Row has been denied release down under. Saints Row IV was banned in the country earlier this year for including an alien anal probe, which developer Volition had since removed, however that wasn’t enough to get a passing grade this time around. The ... »

Party Chat with Any of Your 2,000 Friends on PlayStation 4

In a recent PlayStation Access video, more news was revealed on Sony’s next generation console. Firstly, all PlayStation 4 users – not just those with PlayStation Plus accounts – will be able to use Party Chat to speak with their 2,000 friends. Yes, the friend limit has been upped from 100 to a ridiculous amount of 2,000. Other information that has been previously reported such a... »

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