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South Park: The Stick of Truth Delayed Until Next Year

South Park: The Stick of Truth was supposed to launch on December 13th but the game has now been delayed until 7th March 2014, which seems so far away. News of the announcement came alongside a brand-new gameplay trailer that features 7 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay. The trailer can be seen below. Matt Stone and Trey Parker had this to say about the delay of the game. “We always wanted t... »

PS4 Launch Line-Up Revealed

In preparation for the big launch day, Sony have revealed an in-depth list of frequently asked questions for their upcoming PlayStation 4 console. If there was anything that you were ever unsure of – this article is bound to give you the answers that you were looking for. This includes the full system details and specifications, the line-up of launch-day games, Sony’s policy on used ga... »

New Hawken Patch Introduces A New Mech & Mode

The free-to-play FPS Hawken has been updated, with the new patch adding a few things other than bugfixes. Titled Hawken Invasion, this patch introduces the Predator mech, a medium-sized mech that apparently excels at “ambush combat”. It has a Stalker ability that acts as a cloaking device, and also has a heat vision function that can see enemy mechs through walls. Meanwhile, a Co-Op Bo... »

Gamestick PS3 Xbox 360 Controller Comparison

Finally our Kickstarter Gamestick has arrived. We thought the first thing you might like to see is a controller comparison with the mainstream Xbox 360 and PS3. Needless to say its ultra slim compared to both and to think that the gamestick also has a 'carry slot' built into the controller for the HDMI console, it really does prove it's Next Gen Material. We will be adding a video o... »

Titanfall Confirmed To be Microsoft-Exclusive

It had been rumoured and semi-assumed for quite some time – but today we have conclusive news that Titanfall will never be released on Sony platforms. It began with a Tweet from Major Nelson, which confirmed that the game will not be a timed exlcusive, and will only appear on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Later, in an investor conference call, Electronic Arts’ Blake Jorgensen re-iterated ... »

Angry Birds Star Wars Announced For Next Gen

Rovio has announced that Angry Birds Star Wars will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Activision, LucasFilm and Rovio jointly announced today as the game was released on Xbox 360, PS3, Vita, Wii U, 3DS and Wii. The console version adds 20 additional levels over the mobile version, HD visuals, trophies, achievements, voice command with Kinect and touch screen controls for Wii U, Vita and 3DS... »

Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason Launches Alongside Xbox One

A trial version of Kinect Sports Rivals will be made available to all Xbox One owners from 22nd November, the consoles launch day. The trial version, which will be known as Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason will allow players to try out the 'wake' racing portion of the game and unlock special rewards for the full game. Larry Hryb, who is better known as Major Nelson, made the announcement o... »

Jonathan Ross is Microsoft Games Studio’s New Executive Producer

In a piece of news that’s so odd that you’d think it was a wind-up, Microsoft Game Studios have today announced that television and radio personality Jonathan Ross has been hired as an Executive Producer. You may or may not be aware that Ross is a genuine gamer, and is even the head of Hotsauce Interactive, developers of iOS game Catcha Catch Aliens! Joining him as Executive Producer i... »

Battlefield 4 PS4/Xbox One Direct Feed Footage Coming October the 29th, One Version “Looks Better than the Other”

Popular YouTuber Jack Frags promised on reddit a ration of direct feed 1080p gameplay footage of both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4 coming on October the 29th. I’ll be posting Xbox One and PS4 footage – Direct capture 1080p on the 29th October – I’m not allowed to post before then. I have several hours of PS4 multiplayer and the full single player campaign ... »

Gamestick Retail Release Date Postponed At Game And Gamestop

Due to some Wifi testing issues in the last week, plus the fact that Kickstarter backers consoles have not yet shipped either, Game and Gamestop have both moved their release date for the unit back to the 8th November, which to be fair is the right thing to do for the backers, as they were promised early release over retail outlets. Over the past few days, Gamestick have been waiting for a softwar... »

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