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Mad Max Appears To Slip Towards 2015

E3 2013 had a little nugget of a reveal if you cast your game filled minds back. Mad Max was revealed alongside those highbrow next generation releases and then nothing, not even a firm release year. Well, it seems it's still being worked on with the release of this trailer which possibly points to a vague 2015 release date after a just as vague original release point of 2014. So, it's p... »

Ultra Street Fighter 4 trailer explains what makes it 'ultra'

What does it mean to be “ultra?” If it's new characters, new stages, new modes, new features and tweaked gameplay, then no one can accuse Ultra Street Fighter 4 of false advertising. If that's not ultra to you, well, you might want to steer clear when USF4 launches later this year. »

Darkwood brings roguelike survival horror to Steam Early Access

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, developer Acid Wizard Studio has announced plans to bring its unorthodox survival horror game Darkwood to Steam Early Access. Darkwood differentiates itself from the legions of other spooky games via procedurally generated horror. Each time you step into the gloomy, Soviet Bloc landscape, the world around you is created anew, offering more replayabilit... »

MGS: Ground Zeroes platform-exclusive content free for all in May

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes' console-exclusive content will soon launch as free DLC across all available platforms, Metal Gear Solid series producer Hideo Kojima revealed this week on the Kojima Productions podcast. Ground Zeroes premiered last month with the Classic Snake skin and the “Deja Vu” mission on PlayStation platforms, while the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions featu... »

Physics-based cosmic strategy game Habitat funded for Xbox One

Physic-based survival-in-space strategy game Habitat has just been funded on Kickstarter, ensuring the game will come to fruition on Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. Habitat was already announced as one of 25 games signed up with Microsoft as part of its self-publishing program ID@Xbox. The game is set in a Battlestar Galactica-like universe where earth has been destroyed and the remaining off-world s... »

Take an Expedition into Titanfall's War Games map

Following an initial reveal earlier this month, developer Respawn Entertainment has now graced us with a handful of screenshots and solid information on the War Games map included in Titanfall's upcoming “Expedition” DLC pack. Unlike the game's other maps, War Games isn't real. That is, it's even less real than the video game's other maps as it takes place with... »

PayDay 2, Puppeteer & More Coming To PS+

It seems that every month, Sony manage to get some pretty awesome games for their PlayStation Plus subscribers, so if you use PS it's a good idea to subscribe. If you want further proof, check out the next batch of games added to the Instant Games Collection, as announced by the EU PlayStation Blog. PlayStation 4 – Stick It To The Man PlayStation 3 – Puppeteer – Payday 2 Pla... »

Destiny will fly you (and Titans, Hunters and Warlocks) to the moon

A revamped website for Destiny, Bungie's upcoming sci-fi shooter, has spilled the proverbial space-beans on player classes Titan, Hunter and Warlock. The new info also details the various enemies players will no doubt be 360-noscoping in the face, as well as locales where said leet skillz will be on display. Destiny's classes hew close to the holy RPG trinity of Fighter, Rogue and Wizard... »

FTC clears Facebook's purchase of Oculus VR

Facebook has earned U.S. antitrust approval to purchase Oculus VR, clearing the way for its acquisition of the company and its Oculus Rift VR headset technology, Reuters reports. The U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission approved the acquisition this week. Facebook announced its purchase plans last month, revealing that it will pay $2 billion to acquire Oculus VR and its asse... »

UK Charts: Titanfall holds No.1 spot, 2014 FIFA World Cup debuts 2nd

It's been a while since British soccer fans have seen their nations associated with the words “World Cup” and anything even remotely approaching second place – that said, at least England can say it won the cup once. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is the highest-placing new release in the UK this week, but unlike FIFA 14 it only reached second place; that top spot is still held ... »

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