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Deactivated Ubisoft game keys were bought from EA's Origin using stolen credit cards

There's been a new development in the ongoing Ubisoft key deactivation saga, with third-party key seller Kinguin claiming an unidentified Russian is to blame. This afternoon, Kinguin said it had received over 4600 customer tickets during the last 72 hours as those who found their games had disappeared from Uplay demanded refunds. The games affected are Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed: Unity,... »

Nosgoth Enters Open Beta Next Week

Free-to-play competitive shooter Nosgoth which featured at most expo's across 2014 will enter open beta on 21st January at 6pm GMT, publisher Square Enix has announced. The game has been available to play in closed betas since August, but next week will be the first time that anyone can join in on the action. To big up the occasion, developer Psyonix will be giving away double XP for all matc... »

MGS Ground Zeroes PC Mod Turns Game Into FPS

Although MGS Ground Zeroes has been around on console for some time now, the PC version has only recently been released in December. Typical of PC games, users have been developing mods to change the way the game play. One such modder named -Pao has made a fully FPS mod which does what it says, in game, turning the game's mostly third-person prologue play into a first-person affair. Naturally... »

Further Indication That Xbox One Slim May Be Under Production

Yesterday, several job listings emerged to indicate that Microsoft be working on a slim version of its Xbox One console. Other listing haves since emerged to further substantiate the existence or at least the development of the Xbox One Slim. A listing for an Xbox Power Supply Design Verification Engineer outlines duties which include “design verification and qualification of the Xbox power ... »

EGXTV Competition Still To Draw A Winner

After EGX announced that EGXTV were running a competition for '2 life-time tickets' to all of their shows, several people made video's at Earl's Court over the 4 day event. Originally, the competition was due to be drawn at the end of October, however, there appeared to be a delay. Just recently, Tom Champion, Community Manager emailed me, to say the draw was still very much go... »

HDMyBoy Prototype Updates & Shipping News

Happy New Years and welcome to our first update! We started work this week and would like to share the plan. First off, we are looking to ship the prototypes end of February through to mid March. Based on your feedback and our learnings from the current version we have chosen to first refine the design over the next 3 weeks. Next, the production and delivery of the circuit boards will take about t... »