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The Neverhood spiritual successor Armikrog is out now

Armikrog, the claymation point-and-click adventure by The Neverhood and Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel, is out now on Steam.The game was initially set for an August release, but got pushed back to early September. Then it was delayed again until t... »

Twisted Pixel breaks away from Microsoft

Twisted Pixel - developer of 'Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, The Gunstringer and Lococycle - has parted ways with Microsoft, who acquired the studio in October 2011.Basically, this means that Twisted Pixel projects can go multiplatform. Exciting times.The... »

PlayStation Plus October line-up revealed

Sony has revealed its free PlayStation Plus offerings for October in the ever evolving Instant Games Collection.Starting 6th October, the new catalogue includes Double Fine's latest point-and-click adventure Broken Age and frenetic platformer Super Me... »

You really did want Divinity: Original Sin 2, didn’t you

Do you all want another Divinity: Original Sin game? That's the question developer Larian asked, via Kickstarter, cap sort of in hand.Your answer was unanimous: $2m yes! Larian sought $500,000.I say "cap sort of in hand" because Larian made money from ... »

Super Mario Maker sells 1m

Super Mario Maker has sold 1m units, Nintendo has announced.The Wii U exclusive went on sale on 11th September. Wii U has sold just over 10m units lifetime to date.Fun stat: Super Mario Maker is the 32nd game in the Super Mario franchise to sell at lea... »

Mobile game Need for Speed No Limits out today

Need for Speed No Limits, the mobile game we first covered back in November 2014, is out today.It's a free download from the App Store and Google Play, but, of course, expect in-app purchases to fuel progression (they range from £1.49 - £79.99 per item). It's also worth noting the game requires a persistent internet connection.Need for Speed No Limits, developed by EA's Firemonkey (the... »

A whole world in your hands: Game Boy at 25

The Game Boy is 25 years old in Europe this week, and by this point, they're pretty much everywhere. Or rather, they were pretty much everywhere. Now they're often in attics, I imagine, or in sheds, or in crates slid under beds. Nintendo made over 100 ... »

Watch: Eurogamer plays Vermintide

There were a bunch of interesting games tucked away in the Rezzed area at this year's EGX, but one I really wanted to play was Vermintide (Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, to give its full name). Now I run the risk of gaining a reputation for only ta... »

Prison Architect earns $19m from 1.25m sales – but what’s next?

Prison Architect, the game that saved Introversion, did so in spectacular style: to date it has earned more than $19m from over 1.25m sales. That $19m (and something) figure is accurate as of around 1.30pm (BST) Saturday, 26th September, which is when ... »

PS1 at 20: Tekken and a devastating counter in a Dulwich living room

My nineties best friend lived in Dulwich. He had a lovely, big house, and a lovely, big living room with a lovely, big telly on the wall. And he had a PS1.And Tekken 3.We used to fight - in the game, not in real life (although once we did have a real l... »

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