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Watch: The video team’s favourite games of 2015

The nice thing about running the Eurogamer YouTube channel is that we can get away with doing game of the year a little differently. Eschewing the voting process whereby one game is selected (and thereby ensuring we don't end up murdering one another),... »

Steam in hot water after admitting security lapse exposed 34,000 users’ details

Steam's Christmas Day security lapse exposed "sensitive personal information" on 34,000 users, Valve has finally admitted.Any user whose details may have been seen by others will now be contacted by Valve, the company has said.In a new blog post addres... »

Xbox in 2015: A textbook year, but it’s time to innovate again

It is time, probably, for all of us - and by us I mean gamers, the gaming press, this site, myself - to move on. To stop bringing it up. The bungled launch of Xbox One two years ago has had a profound effect on the fortunes of Microsoft's gaming brand,... »

Eurogamer’s Games of 2015 no. 2: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid games have often had a tension running through them - between the player and their purpose in the sublime Sons of Liberty, or between the mechanics and the cinematic pretensions in the ridiculous Guns of the Patriots. Phantom Pain, whi... »

The GaminGuys New Year Podcast

The GaminGuys New Year Podcast

Well guys 2015 has been a mixed year of gaming, sorrow, work and more gaming. So here’s our 2015 podcast featuring these topics What is the Nintendo NX and will it ever take off? Was Star Wars as great game-wise as it was film-wise and is the film really good Will you be going out for New Year or gaming? When will there be a GTA6? If you could achieve 1 thing in 2016 online what would it be?... »

AMD Radeon R9 380X review

In performance terms, there's a big gap between the mid-range and high-end graphics cards on the market. GTX 970 is a substantial leap over its GTX 960 stablemate, while the Radeon R9 390 is also far more capable than the R9 380. There's room in the market for an 'inbetweener' - a keenly priced newcomer that can sit comfortably at the £200/$230 area in the market. AMD has got there first wit... »

PlayStation in 2015: Goodwill ensured that the party continued

Sony had its Great Gatsby moment at this year's E3 - and not the whole 'boats against the current' part. With the likes of Shenmue, Final Fantasy 7 and The Last Guardian, Shawn Layden played the role of Jay, throwing shirt after beautiful shirt high in... »

Eurogamer’s Games of 2015 no. 3: Splatoon

What is it that's kept me coming back to the three minute match-ups of Splatoon all year long? Maybe it's in the little details that can make Nintendo games such a joy - the satisfying splosh as you dive into ink, like the wholesome plonk of a hefty pe... »

Nintendo in 2015: A difficult year shows signs of promise for what’s ahead

2015 was always going to be a trying year for Nintendo, a transition period that would see it winding down its faltering home console and ageing handheld while it geared up its preparations for a new generation of hardware quietly in the background. Wi... »

Games of 2015 no. 4: Rocket League

Rocket League is a fun video game to describe to your pals. It's sort of like football, you'll tell them, but instead of the more traditional humanoid players that you might be expecting, with their fleshy limbs and bodies, here we'll be playing the be... »

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