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Dark Souls 3’s promotional mobile game Slashy Souls is terrible

The good news: Dark Souls 3 now has a free promotional mobile game called Slashy Souls. The bad news: It's dreadful.Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment America in association with GameStop for iOS and Android platforms, this endless runner/slasher ... »

Gran Turismo  –  PlayStation, Start Your Engine.

Gran Turismo – PlayStation, Start Your Engine.

By Ian Sanders   It was early 1998, the PlayStation (PS1) was the hottest console on the market & I had been left wondering why my friends were going a little too over the top for a certain racing game. The game in question? Gran Turismo. It’s not like Sony hasn’t released any good racers yet either… and I mean big titles too. I’d played plenty, like the beginnings... »

PlayStation TV has been phased out in Japan

Sony's PlayStation TV is no longer being shipped in Japan.According to Japanese site AV Watch (translated via Kotaku), Sony confirmed that it would cease shipping PlayStation TVs at the end of February 2016, i.e. today.Indeed the Japanese PlayStation S... »

Fallout Shelter receives its “biggest update yet”

Fallout Shelter has received what publisher Bethesda is calling its "biggest update yet".The free community managment game's 1.4 update adds a new crafting system with rooms dedicated to building armour and weapons.There's also plenty of new cosmetic ... »

Uncharted 4 open beta this weekend

There's more to Uncharted 4 than a gritty story, Troy Baker and some Assassin's Creed concept art - oh yes. Naughty Dog has once again put together a multiplayer mode for the game - and you'll be able to try it yourself this weekend in an open beta.So... »

Minecraft update 1.9 has completely changed combat

Minecraft's PC version has finally hit version 1.9, which developer Mojang has named the Combat Update.As you might expect, the game's rather basic fighting mechanics have seen the biggest changes.Players can now craft shields to defend themselves from... »

Watch: The problem with video game asylums

When it comes to the depiction of mental health institutions and psychiatric wards, video games don't really have the greatest track record. All too frequently, games fail to make the distinction between modern psychiatric units and the cruel, misguide... »

You’ll need $3000 to pre-order a Microsoft HoloLens dev kit today

Microsoft will begin accepting HoloLens developer kit pre-orders later today, the company has officially announced.Thought the HTC Vive was expensive? Wait until you see the pricetag for this - oh, it's there in the title. $3000 - that's £2160.Then again, this is for the developer build - the finished product will presumably sell for far less. Read more… »

Town of Light review

"When you're mad, you cease to exist."The Town of Light is a game set in an asylum, and several decades of games like it have taught us what those words mean. Spookiness. Evil experiments. Something sinister in the basement. Jump-scares. This doesn't h... »

Life is Strange developer shows off first Vampyr screenshots

Dontnod, developer of Life is Strange and Remember Me, has debuted the first four screenshots of its upcoming project Vampyr.It's safe to say it looks nothing like the studio's sunlit indie teen drama.Vampyr will be a horror role-player set in an early... »

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