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Eurogamer’s game of the year 2016

You might not have known it from all the drama going on elsewhere, but 2016 was a mighty fine year for video games. Going through the top 10s submitted by Eurogamer contributors that led to our final verdict for game of the year - democracy is still li... »

Nintendo’s wildest handheld is bowing out with style

Obituaries were already being filed for the Wii U soon after its release in 2012, so now that its days have properly been numbered by Nintendo with the Switch's impending release there's been little fanfare around its imminent demise. A shame really, for although there were mistakes - a derivative name put it in the Wii's shadow from the off, and Nintendo's inability to market the GamePad ensured ... »

Titanfall 2’s buddy story is a very human kind of tragedy

We're going to be talking about the entire story of Titanfall 2 here, so be warned - there will be spoilers for the whole game, up to and including the ending.It's been a good year for companions in games - different kinds of companions. Watching colle... »

VR may not have made much money, but it’s already revitalising games

2016 has been the kind of year that's probably best spent with your head in a bucket. Luckily for me, that bucket had two little screens wired into it and all sorts of motion-sensing gadgetry stuck on top. I have no idea how VR works - and from a busin... »

The year single-player shooters reclaimed their former glory

Every so often a games comes along that is so revolutionary that it inadvertently kills its genre as everyone scrambles to replicate its success. For shooters, that game was Epic's 2006 shooter Gears of War. As covered in Tom Bissell's excellent book ... »

2016: A year in review

2016 was a strange year for video games. Recent memory is dominated by a handful of high quality blockbusters that failed to excite people. But let's not forget earlier this year, when a handful of superb blockbusters definitely did excite people. And ... »

Watch: The games delayed into 2017

Some cracking games came out in 2016 - this year we've spent hours screaming about onions in Overcooked, contesting the payload in Overwatch and, of course, going on overwatch in XCOM 2. For all the great games we saw this year, however, there were ma... »

2016 was the year that Japanese games struck back

The most deafening cheer raised at PSX, Sony's celebration of all things PlayStation held in a tinselled, sweltering December California, did not follow the news of a sequel to The Last of Us, but rather a surprise trailer advertising a 22 year old arc... »

No Man’s Sky changed the video game hype train forever

Love it or hate it, No Man's Sky was the most important, influential video game of 2016. I'm not talking about the rights and wrongs of developer Sean Murray's pre-release interviews, or the state of the space game at launch. Enough has been said on bo... »

Overwatch has become my favourite tawdry soap opera

Overwatch is a game of Pixar movie sets, complex yet digestible hero classes and chirpy bastard robots who spew bullets into chokepoints till they're eaten alive by Oriental dragons. But above all else, it's a game about family - a family that lives at... »

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