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Watch: Our favourite video game movies

Alicia Vikander has been cast as plucky archaeologist / gymnast / millionaire Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider cinematic reboot. This piece of news made me realise two things; first, that they w... »

Digital Foundry’s top ten picks for PlayStation Neo upgrades

Since the leak of the PlayStation Neo specs, we've been asking ourselves: just what does this mean for the games? Sony's handbook for developers mandates that all PS4 games developed from October 2016... »

The Shared History of Tennis and PONG

In 1972, Atari co-founder Nolan Bushell hired an electrical engineer named Allan Alcorn to work for his fledgling video game company. Alcorn was experienced in computer science but had never been invo... »

John Romero and Adrian Carmack pause Blackroom Kickstarter to create a gameplay demo

John Romero and Adrian Carmack have cancelled their Kickstarter for first-person shooter Blackroom in order to make a gameplay demo.The pair plan to resume the Kickstarter once the gameplay demo is co... »

Chronos VR: a single-player game that makes you feel like you’re two people

When you set up an Oculus Rift, as I did this morning, with much misplugging of wires and bumping of head on underside of desk, you are greeted with a few vistas to acclimatise you to this brave new w... »

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