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You can glitch between levels in this Overwatch map

Overwatch's Nepal map is made up of three distinct stages, with each round taking place on a different one. You may have noticed there's no additional loading screen as the game transitions between ea... »

Miimoto updated with a new mini-game

Miitomo, Nintendo's Mii-focused smartphone app that launched earlier this year, has been updated with a new mini-game and changes to the way you use one of its currencies.Instead of spending Sweets on... »

Pokémon Go and Dark Souls are more alike than you think

If the headline reads like a lame joke, that's because it began life as one. "Imagine if they were hunting for Black Knights," I remarked to a friend, watching tourists and students coast merrily up a... »

People think the Mario & Sonic Rio Olympics game shouts a really bad word

On its front cover, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is rated for ages seven and up.When playing the game, however, some people have heard a word that's decidedly more adult.A very bad... »

Is Capcom about to announce a new Dragon’s Dogma?

Is Capcom going to announce an all-new Dragon's Dogma next Tuesday? A teaser for the enigmatically titled 'Project Palm' has just emerged, and the single-shot of a light-scarred hand has been enough t... »

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