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Face-Off: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on PS4

As a culmination of Naughty Dog's work over the course of the PlayStation 3 generation, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception delivers a level of visual quality few games on the platform could hope to match.... »

Alexis Kennedy on: Building the frontier

There was once a virtual world called LambdaMOO. It began when a researcher named Pavel Curtis recreated his Californian house inside a virtual space in a Californian computer, but the space was open ... »

Just Imagine a New Content Delivery System

Imagine a world free from contracts on YouTube or a world where content by content, you can deliver your own content to your own choice of network. will give you that freedom and it̵... »

A Night With Extreme Consoles

  Extreme Consoles has been producing gaming related consoles, controllers and 3rd party projects for a number of years now. Whether a particular design floats your boat or sinks your battleship,... »

All Transformers games, comics and toys will be unified across one story

Various Transformers media - including video games, comics and toys - will be unified to tell the same story over the next three to four years.As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the next few years... »

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