A Piece Of The Pi

Several months ago, an Indigogo campaign was launched, promising ‘retro-gaming simplified’ ‘4K graphics’ and ‘custom OS firmware’ and it was all a lie that totalled over $600,000 and ended up being RetrOrangePi on a stolen (edited) operating system. Due to the planning put into the layout of the system, users will have to download the operating system themselves, negating ‘distribution’ violation in a crude interface designed by Doyodo that made the campaign. it certainly wasn’t right for that to happen, however, that is what followed on the RetroEngine Sigma.

After the initial outrage of people discovering what the system would have cost to put together themselves and (of course) dumping the OS in favour of the original version, the system isn’t half bad at all, though, there is a huge possibility of a class action lawsuit being faced for ‘taking the piss’.

Orange Retro Pi is pretty much how it sounds, a take on Raspberry Pi, but for a board it’s size, it really can deliver retro gaming in HDMI via emulation a lot cheaper than building a PC or buying a laptop. Now I admit this is somewhat of a by-product of stolen funds which cost each user $100 or £70 rather than going to Ali Express where you can buy a whole kit for $26 but it essentially forced people to learn something they might never have bothered with.

In my mind, Raspberry Pi was something for coders, a board which took programming skills to even use, one of the main reasons I never even looked into it and this turns out to be totally false. It’s as simple as downloading an image, flashing a 16 or 32GB SD card via USB and you have your operating system done already. Just load a bunch of Roms into a mirrored folder of the SD card (go into each emulator and it tells you the folders to build) and in about 20 minutes you can be HD retro-gaming for the price of 3 sets of fish & chips on Blackpool promenade. It’s a pretty cool concept!

Whilst a lot of us feel pretty betrayed, especially the less than tech savvy who this architecture has posed a nightmare for, I’m not going to bitch and whine because whilst they were deceptive bastards, they did manage to open my eyes to Pi and I guess whilst figuring out their shitty methods of connecting your WiFi, we learnt a little bit along the way (mainly to fuck it off and get the real version, throwing in a Bluetooth keyboard).

That’s about it folk, I can’t bitch about something that fascinates me – I will leave that to those that feel harder done to. Orange Pi Lite is actually a little bit of genius that I certainly want to try out, plus it plays NES right through to PS1 and possibly some of the lesser resource intensive N64 games.

What’s not to like other than Doyodo?

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  1. Themistocles Papassilekas - August 30, 2017, 2:55 pm

    Is it really better to just load the original distribution?? Haven’t set it up yet,but with the upcoming v4 (when?)…

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