Beautiful exploration game Shape of the World releases wondrous new trailer

Shape of the World has to be one of the most visually striking games on the horizon. A relaxed adventure about exploring an alien planet, Shape of the World combines the dreamlike shimmering vistas of something like Proteus, No Man's Sky, or Journey with the world-building hook of Bastion wherein environments are constructed as you walk through them.

"Shape of the World is about being on a visually and musically stunning journey as an outsider in a surreal world that reacts to your presence," said lead developer Stu Maxwell of Hollow Tree Games on the PlayStation Blog. "You won't only be lost because you're not certain of your location... you will be lost because this world does not feel or behave as you expect it to. You won't just be walking on this journey, you will drift, swim, and even fly with the whales if you're lucky."

It doesn't sound like this will be purely procedurally-generated either, as there are rules that govern this strangely shifting landscape, even if it's not clear what they are. "Each step you take leaves a mark on the world you're exploring," the developer teased. "Your choices alter the world in vibrant and unanticipated ways, leaving you wondering what will happen with each path you take and every hollow you stumble upon."

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