Carpe Diem

bill murray

I’m in a world of shit. Life can be so painful, full of misery, cancer and cancer. In the meantime between being sympathetic to our very existence, feeling sorry for ourselves and generally dying, how about we play some games to pass the time? Sound fun to you?

Life does suck, if you ever look at the big picture, it’s the truth, hence why we look at the smaller picture, the one we can handle. Sat there thinking about it for five minutes, I realised in the same time I could have un-boxed a SNES. Really? Why do I think on these levels?

Now I’m not depressed whatsoever, I’m just a realist, there are no masks when it comes to pain, fun, life. I’m just one of those guys that says exactly what it is – like, all the time.I was stabbed twice a number of years ago, chased the guy down the road spurting blood 2ft out of my neck, that’s just how it can be sometimes. Roll with the bad, roll with the good.

The difference between most people like myself and you, is that I see so much potential and class in you. I wonder at your possibilities, wonder what you will do next, what adventures you will go on, what you will find today, something I can never do for myself. What I do is clinical, even though I am self-aware, you will find it’s just not me and not what interests me.You interest me, human behaviour in general does. I love it when you share your experiences of new things, new subjects, new games. I love.

So before you feel all alone or sit there wondering what to do next, remember, I am counting on you to give me inspiration, because that’s just what you do. Make it interesting, inviting and exemplary. Seize the day or have a seizure, only you can decide..

There’s been worse at sea.


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