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HDMYBOY The Interview

The HDMyBoy Dev Kit’s Are About To Be Delivered

If you don’t know a lot about HDMYBOY, either you missed the Kickstarter last December, our Twitch stream of the device front-paged with 23000 views in one hour or don’t flick through our YouTube video’s. Well that’s a shame, so we thought, seeing as the Dev Kits are about to drop into a small selection of houses throughout the world (inc ours) we would re-visit this classi... »

Win Just Cause 2 Today 8pm

Win Just Cause 2 Today 8pm

After giving away both Rainbow 6 Vegas 1 & 2 to a couple of Twitter followers Today we give away Just Cause 2 for Xbox 360 Ends 8pm 5/12/15 Just Cause 2 Giveaway #xbox360 RT for entry to win the game Let's make it a quick one 8pm tomorrow night draw! — GaminGuys (@Gamin_Guys) December 4, 2015 »

The Magic of Scheherazade (RetroFuel Rewind)

The Magic of Scheherazade (RetroFuel Rewind)

Now we all love the NES, OK, let me re-phrase that, if you ever played on the Nintendo Entertainment System, You more than likely found games on the platform that you bonded with and played quite a lot. There, wasn’t too hard. For all the UK gamer’s however, did we ever get our full share of NES games? Sure, we got the likes of Probotector (Contra) for the shoot-em up’s and we re... »

YouTube User Creates Hotswap Xbox One Console

YouTube User Creates Hotswap Xbox One Console

YouTube User Lar Burn has created a hot-swappable Xbox One. Using a sliding plexi-glass window to stop the spindle motor and some additional switches and buttons on the consoles side, he show’s the procedure using his iPhone. Whilst this is not ground-breaking territory, nor is it much use to most, for those squabbling siblings with two Xbox One consoles that do not have Xbox Live Gold famil... »

Just Imagine a New Content Delivery System

Imagine a world free from contracts on YouTube or a world where content by content, you can deliver your own content to your own choice of network. will give you that freedom and it’s coming soon….. We have said too much. »

Rainbow Six Seige

Rainbow 6 Seige Beta Closes

It’s nice to give feedback when developers give you a chance to play a game. That’s exactly what we did this evening for R6S. If you have any comments, be sure to head over to the official forum so they are heard. Here was ours…. So, that’s it. The Beta is now done – Not nearly long enough in my opinion For the developers who were kind enough to not only give out code... »

What Is Retro Gaming?

What Is Retro Gaming?

There are many ways to describe retro gaming. Ask 50 people and you will hear a variety of reasons. Amongst them will be:- It’s over 20 years old It’s over 25 years old It looks old I played it as a kid     All valid reason’s to ‘call something retro‘ but when you ‘consider what is retro‘ are your reasons really valid? For example, when someone s... »

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming Stage Comes to EGX

Visitors treated to full schedule of YouTube star panels, Q&As, Let’s Plays and challenges EGX, the UK’s largest games event, and YouTube, are proud to announce a new partnership that will see YouTube bringing a major YouTube Gaming stage to EGX this month. YouTube Gaming is the brand new app and website to keep people connected to the games, players, and culture that matters to them – w... »

Kerbal Space Program set to land on Wii U

Sandbox spaceflight game Kerbal Space Program will get a Wii U version, Nintendo has revealed.The announcement was made last night via a trailer posted to Nintendo's YouTube channel (thanks, Nintendo Life).But the video was set to private shortly after... »

Digital Foundry vs Rare Replay

In our first look at Rare Replay, we concentrated on the firm's classic N64 titles, noting that the firm had utilised two different approaches to emulation in bringing its classic catalogue onto Xbox One. Where Xbox 360 remasters were available, Xbox O... »

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