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Console repairs in Manchester by GaminGuys Console & Tech Repairs is a service that we have provided since the days of the Xbox 360 and with PS4, Xbox One and Wii U being over a year old, more and more gamers (like ourselves) will be reaching out for help.

Console repairs are every gamers nightmare but we are here to help.

PS4 in need of repair?

Console Repairs

Playstation 4 repairs


Disc won’t go in properly? Won’t light up? HDMI broken? Won’t read a disc? – Our staff thrive when it comes to console repairs in Manchester.



Xbox One not working right?

Console Repairs

Xbox One Repairs Plus Phones Tablets


We were first in the world to bring you the video’s on how to open, laser repair and even customise your console, however if you prefer it done in knowledgeable hands, we are here to help.




In fact, from Atari and Intellivision to Wii U or Hudl, we will work hard to get your console, PC, laptop, phone or tablet back up and running. Need something we haven’t mentioned? Just ask. If it’s any form of gadget we can usually help.

Console Repairs

Our latest customer April 2016. A neighbour too!









Prices and competitiveness

With the exception of new lasers, we do not tend to price before seeing the item. However, upon request, we may be able to. As you can appreciate there are a lot of devices out there and issues are not always best explained by the customer. Once we understand the issue, we will give you a price and it’s a simple yes/no as to whether you can afford or even want to fix it. Some items are ‘disposable’ or not worth the money, but we would advise the best solution, not everyone who rode a horse was a cowboy.

We also work from home, so there are no expensive overheads, allowing us to give you the best possible price, although we do have the tools to do the job or we simply wouldn’t take it on. We do not charge any labour costs unless we fix your item, so it is in our interest to fix it.

Be it a retro machine or a new piece of hardware, in Manchester, you want GaminGuys Console & Tech Repairs.

Drop-off or Postal?

We are based in WEST Manchester in the M44 Cadishead area, so please decide which is most convenient for yourself.

Contact Us for Console Repairs or any technology product repairs using the links below.

Phone 07799261691


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