Could Telecoms become the real next Activision Outlet for Gamers

It's been said by many a market researcher, by Michael Pachter and other analysts.

Gamers, will for the next 5 years (at least) want the option to buy physical gaming products.

It seems however, once you begin to feel out the market strategy, those that agree, along with those that said it, may be very wrong.

For so long now, games have been physical purchaseable items, from the Spectrum Cassettes right up to modern Blu-Ray.

Lets for a second, imagine a different way.

In the UK currently, there is an intensive government based internet program to upgrade rural broadband, as well as urban. Should this be the case, the supplier base is going to be one of the biggest broadband fights of this decade.

With this comes all the benefits of gaming of course, which has pushed it's products via online stores, for i-based, PC, Console and Mobile Platforms alike.

To connect directly with an audience with online content, via a targetted platform, also means you can advertise those products directly. This in turn decreases outgoings, thus either creating a number of opportunities including but not limited to greater profit, lower product prices or greater future investment and expansion as necessary.

Therefore when the names Vivendi and Microsoft come back into the same room, here's a set of possibilities for the future.

If Microsoft or indeed any other interested party, were to negotiate a deal with the french based company, it may be one of the shrewdest moves available in the modern ever changing market available.

First of all, even during a recession, if more customers become available in rural area's, there will simply be more customers available to target towards your service, with an improving service that you may also be able to bring into play via owning some of the telecoms as part of the package. Lets face it, if you throw enough money at something that already works, especially during a cash stricken era, you are likely to get it a little cheaper and also be able to over-negotiate other stuff into the deal (such as telecoms).

Telecoms is likely going to play as big a deal, if not bigger than the likes of the current cloud based gaming companies currently out already. Why? Because you need an internet connection to even use the cloud, quite simply.

Therefore if you join at source (telecoms) you put yourself in a strong position to offer your own combined unique service which could very well become the new marketing tool for gaming and likely will at some point in the future.

On the flip side, let's not forget other media opportunities such as HVD (HD DVD as it's also known) which has not yet appeared on the market. This would offer superb back catologue opportunities so large, that amazing earning opportunities could be born from publishers, storing massive amounts of console games etc, should the technology come to fruition for future gaming markets. This would likely mean physical purchases of huge back catologues to see out previous gaming technology for hardcore fans.

Now lets combine the lot together into a future. Yes it's a gamble but can you seriously say, you do not have broadband (and want a better connection), haven't downloaded full games or DLC on your current console and watched adverts released by Activision, Square Enix or Ubisoft on sites like Youtube or other currently popular media sites or channels? We already know that there is also a bit of a TV channel race between Google, Apple and Microsoft for advertising and current development drops and to build development and advertising partnerships.

Who can say that this is not part of the bigger race that may have already been planned by some if not all of these competitors.

It is extremely likely that at least one of these big names will be aiming to complete the circle. If I can think it up and make some sense of it, surely it's a distinct possibility as physical media becomes more of a distant cousin than an asset, that all of the above did the same also, after watching the ecomomy and current trends unfold into current day.

At this moment in time, there is no true answer, yet with market movement such as the recent acquisition of Gaikai by Sony, it's clear to see a strategy change over recent years and there is nothing to say that physical media can't and won't play a huge part of that. Build a package that includes all of the services we have spoken about in this post and you will be one major force in the new gaming world we are seeing transpire.

By Liam

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