Developer: PlayStation 4 was designed for American gamers

Japanese developer Toshimichi Mori, the man behind the BlazBlue fighting games for the PS3, recently commented on Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 console.

While Mori was generally impressed and looking forward to it, he had some reservations about the social features Sony is building into the PlayStation 4.

In a recent interview with Japanese PlayStation magazine Dengeki, Mori shared his thoughts on PlayStation 4′s social features and how they’re not suited for the Japanese market.

Mori said that the PlayStation 4 social features and the integration with social networks such as Facebook was created for American and European gamers, as the Japanese are generally much more private. Facebook isn’t as popular in Japan because people prefer not to use their real names online.

Sony has confirmed that it’s possible to use your real name in your PlayStation 4 account, or your PSN user ID.

Mori said that the PlayStation 4 was designed for North American gamers in particular, where Facebook, YouTube, etc. are popular, where people share a lot of content. It isn’t that way in Japan, where most people prefer to stay anonymous online. But Mori understands that “the Japanese market is unique”, and that there are big culture differences between the two sides.

Finally, Mori confirmed that he and his studio are working on a new PlayStation 4 game. He didn’t give any further specifics, but we expect it to be another entry in the BlazBlue series. If you haven’t heard about BlazBlue, you’re not alone. The fighting games have only been released in Japan.

The Japanese gaming culture has always been different from the Western world. Game arcades are still very popular in Japan, and the type of console games they play can be quite different from what we play. For example, first person shooters are some of the worst selling titles in Japan, while in the US and Europe, they’re always at the top of the sales charts.

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