RetroJoe’s 24hr Charity Live-Stream

Grand Total = £1055 Thanks for all the donations – Greatly appreciated

This is now closed thank you all so much

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Date 5th – 6th September
Saturday 12pm – Sunday 12pm BSTGMT+1 / ET+5 / CDT+6 / PT +8

Raising money to fight cancer

 in memory of Remembering Synthia Orbison

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Twitter Original Tweet

Welcome to @Retr0Joe’s charity stream in memory of his family member who died of cancer not too long ago.

Cancer can affect anyone at any age. Those that are not touched by it in any way are lucky, those that have seen a family member suffer, maybe not so. However, there are so many institutions out there these days to help with support, coming to terms, medicines and comforting, just a few pounds can help increase awareness and provide vital support required in an ever-growing circle of victim’s and their families. As we say #gamersunite so won’t you join us as Joe goes on his own long-suffering journey in rememberence of Cynthia, whom his family lost like so many others before.

By sparing a little time alone, you can help promote this live-stream and get friends involved to help raise the easily achievable goal of a mere £500 and spur her nephew on to fight cancer in his own humble way.

Host the stream

You can raise awareness by hosting our channel on your own Twitch channel. Just follow the how to below.

  • Log in to your Twitch channel as the owner
  • Locate your chat box
  • Type /host GaminGuysTV
  • After a few second’s you are hosting Joe
  • To stop hosting type /unhost in chat box
  • thankyou for raising awareness during the 24hr stream

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