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Games Through The AGES – Giveaway

To celebrate the start of our new site and mainly retro-based store, we are doing a give-away.

At first, we weren’t too sure what kind of give-away to do so we decided to try to include a game from as many generations of console as we could muster without breaking the bank on cost or postage. So we dug out our duplicates and other gaming platforms we could spare and ended up with a package of 16 games from 16 PC & console platforms.

To enter the competition, simply tell us your best gaming memory during the era of the games shown. Make it as long or as short as you feel appropriate and ensure you read the terms of entry.

Let’s take a look at the range of games up for grabs shall we? HOLD IT


Playstation 50 dollar card

These may not necessarily be in date order but will be thereabouts. I have moved the classic PC one’s to the top.

Starting with the classic ZX Spectrum and ‘Cage Match’
cage match zx spectrum

Next up we have ‘International Soccer’ for the much loved Commodore 64

International soccer C64

On to the consoles and the beloved Atari 2600 and wacka wacka it’s ‘Pac-Man’

pac-man atari

Around the same time we had Mattel’s Intellivision and ‘Auto Racing’

Auto racing Intellivision

Colecovision hit the scene after doing an awful port for Intellivision. Here is ‘Carnival’

Carnival Colecovision

Changing the console market Nintendo gave us the NES and ‘Ice Hockey’

Ice Hockey NES

Sega steps in with ‘Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker’ on the MegaDrive

Moonwalker Mega Drive

Nintendo up the Ante with the SNES and ‘Striker’ hits one in the back of the net

Striker SNES

Sony introduce the amazing Playstation and ‘PGA European Tour Golf’

PGA European tour golf ps1

The Sega Saturn hits the scene with ‘Sega Rally Championship’

Sega rally championship saturn

Nintendo again with the N64 and some ‘WWF Attitude’

WWF Attitude N64

Microsoft Xbox hits the gaming world well – Add ‘PGR2’

PGR2 Xbox

Playstation 2 and gamers go nuts. It’s carnage in ‘GTA III’


Xbox 360 gives gamer’s an air guitar with ‘Brutal Legend’

Brutal Legend Xbox 360

Nintendo re-visit with the Wii and ‘RedSteel’

Redsteel Wii

Leading us into current Gen it’s the PS3 and ‘Guitar Hero World Tour’

Guitar Hero World Tour PS3

There is your list of ‘Games through The Ages’ Giveaway. If you would like to own this collection from the late 70’s to the noughties, please read the entry rules to ensure you qualify to join. Anyone non-UK that enters will need to pay postal costs to their desired country as this is a primarily UK based competition due to postal charges elsewhere. Good luck everyone. T&C’s below.

Games are either PAL / Region Free and may or may not be complete


Terms and Conditions

1. only one entry per person.

2. Only one account may be registered on (herein now referred to as ‘the site’) per person.

3. The site will run the competition for approximately 2 weeks (the month end) but may shorten or extend this period depending on variables that may occur during this period, at their own discretion.

4. The give-away will be posted free of charge within the UK (excluding Highlands and Islands). In the event of the winner living in a remote area of the mainland UK that also incurs additional postage charges, the site reserves the right to ask the winner to cover these additional charges and shall not send any prize(s) until this is received in full. In the event this is not completed within 7 days of the winner being notified, the winner will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be selected.

5. Entrants under the age of 18 may not be allowed to play certain games that form part of the competition package. In the event the winner is below 18, it is the parental guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the games made available to the winner do not breach any viewing laws within their given country or boundary. By entering the competition, you agree to these terms and shall not deem the site responsible for breaching any laws that may govern such products in any way shape or form and shall not seek any form of compensation from the site in such events unequivocally.

6. All entries or communications that form part or whole of the entry, must be written in English and no other languages shall be accepted.

7. All entrants must hold a user account on the site previous to entering the competition.

8. The site withholds the right to add to the terms and conditions at any time depending on any situation that may arise at our discretion.

9. All users can choose the ‘alternative’ prize of a $50 digital card as a prize, this will negate the delivery costs for international entrants and also for those that do not own a lot of the consoles whether in the UK or abroad. If you are the winner, you are welcome to choose the ‘alternative’ prize instead. Once we contact you as the winner, you can choose the option as this is not fixed on either prize.

10. Due to payment limitations on the site, we may not be able to purchase ‘any’ card of your choice. In the event of not being able to purchase the digital prize of your choice, we will choose and try to agree on an exact value card from a service provider of joint choice. In the event of not agreeing on a digital prize provider, we nominate Amazon as a default choice.

11. We will not pay $50 direct into a PayPal account nor will we pay this amount into an individuals account as a ‘balance’. The amount must be a digital purchase card or account involving gaming related mainstream products (to be decided by the ‘site’). with-holds the right not to honour any ‘digital payment’ that is not decided to be a genuine provider of their choice. This cannot be refuted without agreement in full by the ‘site’. The ‘site’ shall not offer, pay or subsidise any ‘other’ payment type in the event of a disagreement of terms in any way whatsoever, whether in part or full.

Owner of

I collect retro games, consoles and accessories and play all era’s of games from old to latest. Found on eBaY as ‘MCRTrading’

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  1. Anders - August 21, 2015, 9:39 pm

    Getting an NES & Super Mario Bros. for Xmas when I was 6. It’s the only Xmas I can truly remember from when I was a kid.

    • Neildee250 - August 22, 2015, 12:08 am

      if only we could remember more when we was younger. Can you imagine the stories haha.

  2. Vincent - August 22, 2015, 12:02 am

    I was in 6th grade, and going to a boarding school. My sister calls in the middle of the night and gets our floor monitor to wake me up because there was an emergency. I stumble out of bed, get dressed and am escorted to his office so I can have some privacy. I’m fully expecting to be told of a death in the family – its 3am or so. Instead, my sister (who is 16 years older than me) is in a state of panic because she was on the last level of Super Mario Bros and couldn’t get past it and wanted advice. I was so upset, I had to explain to her I hadn’t made it to the last level yet and I was really jealous she made it there first. 🙂

    • Neildee250 - August 22, 2015, 12:07 am

      lol that’s awesome my sister turned pac-man off on 430K cos tea was ready and she wanted a go. I went fkin nuts lol!

  3. Richard Troupe - August 22, 2015, 12:43 am

    I distinctly recall, as a young 5 year old boy, the magic of that particular Christmas holiday period.

    Being dragged around Boots in the city centre by my parents, who were looking for last-minute gifts for the entire family, I stumbled upon the NES ‘Action Set’. I saw the large boxes on display, the posters accompanying them and the excitement that I felt looking at the pictures on the box. I had wanted a games console and had hinted as much to my parents since the summer that I really wanted one, but here it was… in its physical form and tangible glory!

    I was pulled away from the display and felt upset that I couldn’t spend more time with them and persuade my mum to buy one but, with it being Christmas Eve and the last-minute stress becoming too much, she wasn’t listening to my protestations.

    I remember going home to mull over the probable disappointment that I would have the following morning upon waking, and not even stuffing my face with the strawberry creams from the large tin of Cadbury’s Roses whilst looking at the brightly-lit multicoloured Christmas tree lights could ease my worries.


    i woke up the following morning and with doubtless youthful candour rushed down the stairs in my Count Duckula pyjamas (I have the pictures as proof! Haha!) to see the NES ‘Action Set’ sitting, pride of place, amongst the other presents. I could barely contain my excitement as I finally had my very own games console! I played Super Mario Bros to death that morning and had to be reluctantly plucked away from its enticing hold over me to go to our Grandmother’s house for a family Christmas dinner. I must have thought about that console all day as I couldn’t wait to get home late that night to play it. And play it I did. On and on and on… for years, with a passion ignited for video games in all of their wondrous forms.

    I always look back on that particular Christmas as the best gaming memory I have ever had, if only for the fact that it was embryonic in its innocence and acted as a catalyst for further fantastic memories that enable me, along with many other people, to reminisce and discuss the wonders of gaming.

    Ahhh, memories!

    • Neildee250 - August 22, 2015, 12:55 am

      Although it sounds like a literative example of a memory, it’s not heart-felt. You need to dig deeper into the basics of the feelings you experienced and ‘tell us how it was’ in a lighter fashion that involves more emotion than words and more feeling than sense. Go back to the drawing board and tell us how it was not how you would say it now as that’s a distorted memory. Sorry if you don’t quite get what we mean. Use the child you was to explain it as it was, not the adult you are to explain how it was. Cheers.

      • Richard Troupe - August 22, 2015, 10:50 am

        Ah, apologies! I get ya!

        Here’s another fantastic gaming memory for me…


        I was 13 years old and I was at friend’s house having a sleepover with a bunch of others mates and lots of pizza. After watching some wrestling on TV we whipped out the PS1 and played Jonah Lomu Rugby for hours on end screaming the house down as the competition got so intense. We carried on for hours and hours, forgetting that we had school to go to the following morning. It must have been around 2am when my friend said that he had his old amiga upstairs, so we brought it downstairs, dusted it off and connected it up to the TV. The only game we could find for it was Civilisation so we loaded that into the disk drive and, as silently as we could, we all plotted world domination as the sun came up. His mum woke up early at about 6am due to the clicking sound of the disk drive and our muffled laughter and scolded us for not sleeping with school approaching.

        She let us off in the end though and we didn’t bother going to school that day, as we all continued to play Civilisation through the morning until lunchtime. ‘Just one more turn’ was the mantra that night. Haha!

        • Neildee250 - August 22, 2015, 7:06 pm

          ah now that’s what I’m talking about! well done m8. I had many a day like that.

          When I was growing up, my brother and all his friends who were a year older than me started smoking weed. As my bro had recently been ran over he was stuck in the house for 5 months and decided to master 2 games. Mario-kart and Goldeneye. I turned 16 and was so tall I could get away with going the pub at weekends. I’d come back smashed and kick his arse on Mariokart but could never beat him 1 v 1 on Goldeneye. I wasn’t arsed cos I know he put a lot of time into both so was lucky to win one of those games.

          2 things I will always remember, his tantrum when he lost on MK and my head spinning when I was so drunk I thought a bong was a good idea. I didn’t do weed and would turn green and throw up then go to bed. I guess that was my punishment for being a jammy son of a bitch in that kart pmsl.

  4. SPEEDYCHEESEBAL - August 25, 2015, 10:37 pm

    My favorite gaming memory was when i used to go to the mk arcade machines, and people would want to challenge me, but no body could kick my ass xD so one day k went to use the mk1 machine and they took it out ; ( but put a mk2 machine in and it was so fun! Playing with friends on that machine for hours…. spending our money into it and performing all the gruesome fatalities was just even better, spectacular days of my life, the days where you had to go with friends to an arcade to play games together full on!

  5. Kawada19 - August 31, 2015, 4:02 pm

    I’ve got a couple.

    Watching my gran playing the Gold Box games on the Amiga as a little kid and thinking that “URGH!!!” sound when she killed an enemy was so cool. Then creeping around and playing Cannon Fodder when she went to bed.

    Playstation era for me has to be the intro to FF7 when the train pulls in and then Barrett and co jump off and being right into the game. Was so amazing at the time, only has been matched with the Lost Odyssey intro for me in terms of “woah!” factor.

  6. Sarah - August 31, 2015, 4:35 pm

    Favourite memory? Drunken Rock Band / Singstar parties. There is a fantastic video on my friend’s PS3 of us all singing Bohemian Rhapsody, and then we end up having a drunken scuffle halfway through and fall over. Someone walks into shot, instantly falls over and disappears.

    Drunken Rock Band memories? Well I’ve got a few more recent ones after throwing an old skool Rock Band party this weekend! But mostly they are of meeting up with my friends after 6th Form, going round someone’s house with some Kasteel Krew beers and playing and drinking until the early hours.

    Fond, fond memories right there…

  7. Neildee250 - September 2, 2015, 10:14 pm

    Thanks to everyone that entered. The competition is now closed.

    As there were only a few entries I have chosen Vincent as the winner so congratulations. Please private message me to let me know which prize you would like.

    Hopefully we will iron out the site bugs and get some more great gamers contributing soon with memories and posts if you have the skills. For now game on and thanks for those memories.

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