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batman‘The Story’

There’s little worse than Cancer, unfortunately my partner’s family are dealing with Steven, 36 (in Manchester, UK) having it spread throughout his body.

It started in the bladder, upon scans it was revealed it had also attacked the lymph nodes. We had no idea what they were to start with but quickly became educated that they are glands throughout the blood circulatory system, so basically the cancer had travelled through the blood into his sweat glands etc.

Devastated obviously, I just sat there, watching my girlfriend cry in a sterile room. Her brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and no matter what happened next, it was more a question of life quality and length rather than repair. There is no repair for cancer that gets in the lymph nodes.

The whole start of the cancer process had damaged one of his heart valves, so first off, he had to have a pig-valve fitted so open-heart surgery time. this was what originally landed him in hospital with massive pains to his right upper arm. The operation was classed as a 50/50 survival due to the cancer. He survived thankfully.

After months of Chemo, we all found out it hadn’t worked and in fact had spread to his femur, rib-cages, shoulders and god knows where else after his bladder and lymph-nodes. Horrible as I’m sure you can imagine.

Just picture this being someone you love and dealing with all this news. It turns your life upside-down never mind the poor person dealing with it all – it’s unfathomable how he must feel.

Steven, being a kid at heart and not as strong as he made out, hit the beer etc in-between the chemo sessions and was nearly kicked off his course in the process as his liver started suffering from the meds and alcohol. Little did we know at the time, it wouldn’t have made one iota of difference.

‘Where we stand’

Steven has very little time left and his sister is desperate to move him out of a 15th story flat and into our home (hence the Delboy and Rodney picture). Our only spare room was originally a storage room for 13yrs or more and is technically not in a liveable condition for a normal person let alone a terminal cancer patient with a disabled living status.

This is why we started a campaign to kit out a room during his final time. This involved sound-boarding a ceiling and in-filling, sanding, painting, new light fitting. We are in the middle of this already from our funds. The labour for in-filling was donated by a friend who will be sanding and painting this coming week. After that, we need the whole room decorating and painting, a new door for privacy reasons and kit the room out with carpet, bed and accessories to allow him some private space for those bad days that are on the horizon.

If there are any funds left over, we will be donating the remainder to MacMillan Cancer Support who have been instrumental in helping us all deal with the situation so far. So please visit our JustGiving Page and help us reach our goal so everyone has less to worry about. Thanks for any help you can offer.

I intend to update this page along the journey and will add photo progressions of the room as well as try to see if Steven will go on video and explain his feelings through the whole process. Maybe it will help someone else?

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