Infinite Crisis Coast City Re-opens Forever

After the recent closed beta, (which I am happy to say I was a participant for a limited time) an email has gone round stating that the Coast City Map has now permenently re-opened for the closed beta crowd to enjoy.

There was a certain amount of negativity (which can be expected for feedback purposes) regarding certain aspects of the gameplay, not to mention, which keys controlled the game. It seemed some were relatively fresh to testing on PC so questions relating to this began appearing in the beta forums. Thankfully some more experienced players pointed to the QWER keys towards the beta close date.

Two maps were available to play at the time (which was nothing, if not a little short), these being Coast City Marina and Gotham Heights, the latter which I tested and was punished on for tapping every key trying to figure things out (oh well).

The crisis team had this to say:

“Due to the great success we've seen during our early access period, and due to your overwhelming requests to keep Coast City up, Coast City is now permanently available for all protectors!”

“If you're in our closed beta, all you'll need to do is just queue up for Coast City next time you play! If you haven't played the map yet, make sure to stop by our map page and learn all about Coast City!”

“Additionally, as a bonus to our early Founders, we are awarding all of those with Founders Packs with 500 Crisis Coins. Keep an eye out for an email from us later today containing your coins! Just like your Founders Pack, these coins will carry over into our live service, after we wipe the data in our closed beta.”

Thes site also advertises that more maps will be coming soon, so here's hoping they prove strategically enlightening and all importantly enjoyable.

Infinite Crisis is slated to release at some point during 2013.

By Liam

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