Kingdom: New Lands dev patches wonky Switch version, updates icon, makes trailer about new icon

Publisher Raw Fury has released an update to Kingdom: New Lands' wonky Switch version, fixing game-breaking bugs and adding a new, significantly less minimalist icon in the process. Oh yes, and then it released a trailer about the new icon, which is probably a first.

Kingdom: New Lands' Switch version came under fire on release for a number of serious issues, including a frame rate that dwindled to single figures after extended play, and save corruption bugs. These issues, however, have now been remedied, according to Raw Fury.

Shortly after the Switch version released, Raw Fury's Gordon Van Dyke offered an apology and an honest explanation for the state of the game at release. "Well, I'll be candid," he said in a post to Reddit, "we should have tested it more. It's the same build we've used for all platforms and we were fools for assuming since it works well on X it'll work fine on Y [...] We've learned a valuable lesson from this and won't repeat this mistake again."

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