Mini NES A Classic Mistake?

Mini NES A Classic Mistake?

When Nintendo first started making cards, I’m presuming they wanted to sell as many packs as possible. Like any business that will thrive, this is just good business sense, however, one could wonder if there is anything common between the sense they showed back then and the way it is dealing with it’s products in today’s market.

The Nintendo Classic Mini was supposed to be a celebration and a look back at all the games that made Nintendo the gaming company it trades as today, however on November 11th this year, I witnessed first-hand just how badly the ‘NES Mini’ has been handled by Nintendo.

Since the boom of social media, we have seen platforms develop and expand across a huge range of applications and novelties. Twitter brought us the hashtag, Facebook moved into marketplace selling and Reddit seems to have become a mod paradise. Along this road, clubs are formed and communities are built as people discuss topics of similar interest across the globe. One such ‘head’ that has grown over the last few year’s is the ‘#retrogaming’ community and I have watched this develop as people share their fond memories of all their yesteryear gaming memories.

Nintendo Mini Boxed

I pre-ordered two of the Mini NES, one for myself and one for a charity event giveaway at very different times on the run-up to release date and was looking forward to getting my grubby little mits on a console that finally played some of Nintendo’s greatest classic’s using HDMI. Lord know’s it was overdue. My first pre-order was placed with Gameseek, mainly due to a very early competitive price laid down on their website the night the console was publically announced. I placed my order around 8-10 weeks before the unit’s release. The second order ( was placed a mere four weeks before release as we began collating item’s we could giveaway to one lucky winner who donated over £10 to a young girl with cancer. I thought it was rather fitting to put some new old technology in there, hoping it would help boost the wonderful prizes donated by our Twitter friends.

It became apparent very early on, that pre-orders were in high demand as site after site closed down their pre-orders which had potentially been filled. It was an astounding result and really cemented what a lot of us already knew. Retrogaming was becoming huge globally. What none of us could foresee, was what was to happen next.

November 11th came around finally, but there were no packages to be seen so I jumped on to check my order and noticed it still said it was on pre-order status. Now bearing in mind, I had paid in full more than two month earlier, I rang them to find out what was going on.

“unfortunately we have received a very limited amount of our initial 1000 unit’s ordered. It appears Nintendo cannot meet demand and are sending out the units in waves. We are dispatching units on a first come first served basis”

When I asked the manager at Gameseek how many were received in the first wave, I was told 125 out of 1000. So essentially, 875 pre-ordered units out of 1000 or possibly 875 upset gamers on release. That is simply disgraceful. Now I realise Gameseek can’t be held responsible for non-delivery here and their distributor wants to distribute too but I simply cannot understand how Nintendo can blatantly advertise and design a console and then trip up with production levels and distribution. Through Gameseek alone, if everyone simply cancelled and gave up, that is £52,491 in combined lost revenue. Even if we take just 50% of that amount for Nintendo, with just one single small website they have lost £25K. Now I wonder how many similar stories we would hear if we had the figures available to draw up lost revenue across the entire regional area’s that this has happened…. Needless to point out Nintendo’s weak Wii U sales and yet here they are simply throwing potential sales down the drain due to a completely botched campaign.


Has the success of the Pokemon application fried their tiny circuits? Does somebodies brain need re-flashing? What’s going on? When are Nintendo going to deliver a console that isn’t in ridiculously short supply? Even the Playstation 2 debacle wasn’t nearly as poorly delivered as this Ninten’Doh mini disaster (thanks for the pun LA). Then I look at the size of the box of the one that finally arrived (via Game) and think ‘how many billions of them would fit on one pallet compared to Xbox One’.

Come on Nintendo step your game up, you are making the chinese look better than the Japanese, it’s a joke!

What was supposed to be a celebration of 3 decades of gaming has become a numbing silence and an empty void. Makes me want to throw some barrels.

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