My Top 5 Favourite Retro-Gaming Consoles Ever For Real

These are My Top 5 Favourite Retro-Gaming Consoles. Sometimes I look on YouTube and see channels reeling off top 5 this, top 10 that and know full well that’s it’s total bait and a way to get conversations going and arguments started. When I consider my top 5 consoles, I prefer a much more relaxed and sombre affair, with only a relatively brief amount of reasoning involved, simplistic if you will. I would rather it was like considering a red wine than being severe reeling of the fishing rod by having extrovert views.

On that note, here is my top 5 consoles.


Has to be the Sega Mega-Drive. It had some awesome games that hold strong even today and the value of the games haven’t gone absolute nuts and that’s why it made the list.

My Top 5 Favourite Retro-Gaming Consoles

Sega Mega-Drive / Genesis




The Nintendo Entertainment System. Although the games have gone up in price, it’s older than the SNES and the carts don’t tend to come in at stupid prices. It’s 8-bit which is awesome and that is that!

My Top 5 Favourite Retro-Gaming Consoles

The wonderful NES



I’m going to have to call a few people out here I’m afraid by saying Xbox Original. It was Microsoft’s 1st Gen of consoles and was hackable, plus it is 16 years old now since release. You are free to disagree. Coin-ops one of these though and you are in serious game heaven!


My Top 5 Favourite Retro-Gaming Consoles

Coin-ops probably turned this into the best it could be



I simply love the Vectrex. It’s virtually a portable full system. How many consoles can you say in 2017 that can use a black & white TV, use cards to add colour OR use vector’s? Not to mention it has a thriving 3rd party developer-base TO THIS DAY. The owners even made the games Public Domain Property… they loved it so much, it was offered up so future generations could enjoy them. Simply Awesome!

My Top 5 Favourite Retro-Gaming Consoles

The Vectrex was a spectacular all-in-one console



I never owned a Nintendo Game & Watch in my youth, however when my kids grew up and I had money (I was poor as a teen), like a lot of those that missed the release by decades, I fell in love. Simplistic LCD, beautiful boxes and a range of games to die for. I have tried not to include expensive or over-priced games in here, however, we all have indulgences and I’m no Monk to spending money. I only own 3 but I hold them all in high regard. One day I may stand there like this guy! THE AWE.

My Top 5 Favourite Retro-Gaming Consoles

A look at the possibilities of Nintendo G&W


Anyone that knows me, knows I pretty much love all consoles and grew up playing mainly Atari, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. Now I could probably have added N64, however Super Nintendo is being hunted and sold by eBaY Sniper’s and I hate it so I don’t want to recommend it as a top 5 console. I’m sure this happens on almost every retro anything these days, so I wanted to add diversity under the retro section whilst ensuring it gave an education of gaming for the younger generation, which is important to me and likely the community that I spend most of my time with. I also love the simpler games that have the ability to keep you ‘hooked’ and if you can get a similar sense of a great purchase and fun as you do an education, I’m more for that, than pointing out the same top 5 games list most of the glam-whores more than likely have in their top 5 trying to look cool and who advertise on their site. We chose to remove adverts a long time ago and should probably try other routes, however, I would rather pay happily for my server than expect a younger generation to think they HAVE to help to be part of it.

I will build a Patroen, I’d rather you just enjoyed my reasons for picking these fine consoles and have fun.

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