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The truth about GodMode, the “World’s First Brain Booster for Gamers”

A few weeks ago now, a company called Boss Level Labs contacted Eurogamer, claiming to have created the world's first brain booster supplement for gamers. They called it GodMode. Now I felt that claim... »

So, what happened with Pokémon Stars?

A year ago, Eurogamer reported on Pokémon Stars, an expanded version of Pokémon Sun and Moon which sources had told us was then pegged for release on Nintendo Switch this Christmas.Except, as we now k... »

No, 2018’s Battlefield game isn’t Bad Company 3

Earlier this week, a YouTube video sparked reports that Battlefield Bad Company 3 would launch in 2018. Details of the purported project were uploaded by YouTuber AlmightyDaq - who previously laid out... »

Untold Saga: The story of one of the first Final Fantasy’s unsung creators

The story of how Final Fantasy came to be is as famous as any of the tales spun by the series itself. Of how one Hironobu Sakaguchi, working at a Square that was down on its luck, gave his fledgling R... »

Gang Beasts review

There's a folder on my PlayStation 4 that's reserved for the really good stuff. It's where Towerfall Ascension sits alongside Nidhogg and the brilliant compilation that is Sportsfriends. It's where I ... »

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