Sinclair Vega+ First Look

It has been an arduous Indigogo campaign for the Retro Computer’s team during the making of their updated Vega to a fully fledged handheld, however I’m sure you will agree, certainly a satisfying result.

‘Looking at the Vega+ in 1080p looks extremely satisfying on the eye’ might be your initial reaction, however it was a darker story when Indigogo updates ceased to be delivered to it’s backers back in April 2016. Talks of staff jumping ship, complex money laundering and other scenario’s became apparent on YouTube, all to no avail.

We have kept in constant touch with the team after delivering the only original Vega ‘full factory tour’ many moons ago. Yet, here they are at Wired 2016 with the completed project. I imagine the team are very proud.

Sinclair Vega+

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