Star Wars Battlefront 2 review

Let's get straight to the burning issue, shall we? Towards the tail-end of Star Wars Battlefront's release, EA made noises that it was thinking about doing away with the traditional season pass that accompanied its big ticket console games, a model its multiplayer shooters had been stuck with for some time - with numerous associated problems. The base games often felt a little lacking, and more painfully the player base was split - an issue that had an impact on long-term players as numbers dwindled and were spread too thin.

The answer? In Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA and DICE's first big step away from that older model is loot boxes. Given the fire and fury that's surrounded the game in the run-up to release, both parties may well wish they'd have kept things as they were.

It's hard to make too many excuses for how they've been handled. In Battlefront 2 all future content drops and updates will be free, but its loot boxes most certainly are problematic, offering more than mere cosmetic enhancements, and instead giving players a chance at earning credits, crafting parts or Star Cards - all of which proffer an advantage on the battlefield. Pay to win? If you're flush enough, and impatient enough, you can spend your way to a suite of Star Cards and a horde of cash that could well give you the edge in a firefight.

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