The big Cliff Bleszinski interview

There's probably never a good time to talk to an exceptionally busy CEO, but I guarantee it's most certainly not this; just days after the launch of the game you've been gearing up to for three years, and the first fruits of your box-fresh studio.

So I'm grateful that Cliff Bleszinski was gracious enough to take the time out to talk to me, just over 24 hours after the launch of his first game in some six years. LawBreakers is, by all accounts, an incredible shooter that successfully harks back to classics such as Unreal Tournament - which Bleszinski worked on as designer, of course - though it's yet to find traction, the number of Steam players around at launch lower than that of Battleborn.

We spoke about its launch, its future and more over an often sketchy Skype line, and over the 30 minute conversation it struck me that - through the swearing and the tangents and the soundbites - no matter where you stand on Bleszinski, it's certainly grand to have him back.

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