Are We Paying For Nintendo Plastic?

Something came to me the other day…

If the NES Classic Mini plays SNES games, is the upcoming September 28-29th release of the SNES Classic Mini literally just the Mini NES unit rebranded and rewrapped in a different plastic shell and different software? If so, would we literally be paying £30 more for 2 SNES controllers costing £1.26 each to manufacture (bearing in mind one controller came with the Mini NES already) based on a clone from the actual SNES whilst compensating by losing the licensing on nine extra games we got on the NES Mini (21 games down from 30.. and what’s with the 20+1 yeah I get Starwing/fox 2 is on there but it’s still 21 right)?

I kinda don’t get it. I mean, this is not a definite spec thing as it stands, as I have yet to see the specs of the SNES Mini, but in all likelihood if SNES games play on MNES then is it likely they would change anything other than the controllers and the looks?

It may be one of the most bullshitted sales exercises of all time, riding on the crest of a million disgruntled consumers that pre-ordered the MNES (with companies like Gameseek) that never actually received a god damn thing after months of waiting… other than an apology filled with hopefulness and a refund at least (that hopefulness led to nothing and there were no further updates about remaining in the queue once refunded may I add as I was one of them).

Nintendo seem to be very good at labelling shit as gold bricks I have come to notice as of late. It seems everything is in short supply that they make and trickled out in such a fashion it creates panic-buying, eBaY scalpers and the like. I know the majority of gamers out there especially in the UK despise this with a passion, yet it never seems to have any effect on Nintendo whatsoever. A perfect example of this would be the petition I put up over on to ask for a continued supply of the Mini NES, which either highlights the fact I haven’t shouted about it enough with less than 600 signatories or highlights the fact that everyone knows Nintendo will pay zero attention to anything anyone ever says if the money is screaming through their doors. It’s a sorry state of affairs in a lot of respects but the Nintendo Switch was there to save their arses and give them focus away from those issues, so like good japanese ostrich’s (does japan have ostrich’s? Actually yes, there are over 450 construction companies that side-breed Ostrich for meat after a slump in their native business) they bury their heads in the good and positive stuff and let you get shafted on eBaY.

It’s a far cry from Nintendo of old, Nintendo of old was all about loyalty and giving back but then in the last few years they shut the club down and go totally rogue, hitting up content creators on YouTube, forcing them to partner on a 60-40 profit share and only leaving those partners alone if they adhere to a strict set of games titles that Nintendo themselves dictate. I was quite surprised the other day when one guy said he had no idea all of this was happening so I’m guessing there are more out there that are not aware of the callous nature of Nintendo post 2015.

I don’t hate Nintendo, I just dislike their methods in marketing and creating revenue. I also think that if the board used in the MSNES is the same as the MNES, there is no reason to charge an extra £20 as well as lose 9 games just to gain 1 extra controller. Hell, the MNES controllers were only £7.99 (well, if they ever had any to sell lmfao) so where does the £20 and 9 lost games come into it? Surely 16 bit isn’t 8 bits more expensive right?

Just don’t get me started on fucking Amiibo’s, you bought a piece of plastic you can’t use, likely don’t want to open and even if you did, what the fuck would you do with them? You good sir really did pay for plastic.

Gaming always was and should remain as such, for the masses. I would hate to be 10 years old right now and want to ask my parents for this Amiibo for Christmas. This needs to be stamped out.

Are We Paying For Nintendo Plastic?

3rd Party sale

Are We Paying For Nintendo Plastic?

3rd Party Price


It may be time for consumers to stop helping Nintendo trap a marketplace that has no real value. If you want value, go and buy a few Game & Watch boxed portable handhelds.

Thanks for reading, stay frosty and ’till next time, adios and bonjour compadre!

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