31 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 2018

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31 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 2018


You can see upcoming competitions as well as previous winners and prizes right here.

It’s strange how this one came about. I’ve seen 7 day, 10 day and even 20 day competitions but never a 31 day competition on Twitter so I thought ‘hell, let’s bring some feel-good factor to other gamers’. It’s summertime (for once in the UK) and I do love a competition, however upon closer inspection, I would likely only be able to give away games, so decided to open it up to others to also get involved and sponsor the event and ‘share their wares’ so to speak and make the prizes more diverse.

When you think about it, gaming has several heads. There’s modern, retro, codes, physical, apparel, cosplay, literature, artwork and so much more and luckily we have secured several cool names to help us deliver an amazing giveaway that covers these areas.

Firstly GaminGuys (click the link to follow our Twitter account for daily updates on the competitions) will be covering apparel, physical games and digital games amongst surprises. I’ll be trawling 14 boxes of retro including Game Gear, Xbox, PS2 etc. You know at some point a console will be thrown in for good measure.

Funstock sell a multitude of gaming related items. We have some Atari related items ie cups and T-shirts coming from their retro section (pictures from funstock website but may not represent the actual Atari apparel offered due to several types and colours available)

31 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 2018 31 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 2018

Bitmap Books will be offering 3 books which are ‘A Gremlin in the Works’ ‘SNES/Super Famicom: A Visual Compendium’ and ‘NeoGeo: A Visual History’. If you have ever seen just one of these books, you will know they are superb just for the picture quality and really tell you a story of the development by the guys involved in creation

31 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 201831 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 2018

Marks Memory Bytes will be offering framed artwork which are framed NES classics of Gradius, Ninja Gaiden, and Super Mario Bros 3

31 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 2018

8 Bit Boutique will be offering one pixel fiction t-shirt, one Model and one artwork piece

31 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 2018 31 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 2018 31 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 2018

Arcade Club will be offering 5x £10 discount vouchers for Arcade Club meaning you only pay £5 (under 18’s) or £10 (over 18 section) for a bunch of you to visit and have a blast for a night which I highly recommend.

31 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 2018

Extreme Consoles will be offering 3 items from their diverse range of products, First up is customise your controller with your own choice of design, secondly they have generously offered the amazing flat pack NES Arcade Machine stand for Nintendo Switch users and finally you can pick a skin for PS4, PS4 Slim, XB1, XB1x and Switch. Amazingly good prizes in my opinion and highly rated.

31 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 2018 31 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 201831 Day Summer Gaming Giveaway 2018

To enter, we will be selecting from Twitter likes, retweets, Gleam entries and any other way we can dream up as the days roll by. I’d quite like to see your gaming area too so pics will be involved. It’s all a bit of a bonding exercise which is great and if you don’t normally do that kind of thing – there are some great people out there – so don’t be shy.

We do not share any winners details with any sponsors (unless they post the prize direct to you), partners (we have none) or 3rd parties, so rest assured you will only be contacted if you win especially if you sign up to our website. We value your privacy and twitter works for us!

Hope you like the concept and good luck to everyone that enters. Depending on the prize, winners may be contacted by social media, website DM or email for Gleam. Keep your eye out and have a bit of fun. Have a great summer!