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60 Second Game RoundUp

Todays 60 Second Game RoundUp


 60 Second Game RoundUp
Indie developer HomeBearStudio is pleased to reveal that their first game, Nairi: Tower of Shirin, will release on Steam and also on the Nintendo Switch.
Nairi is a young woman from the rich district of Shirin, the oasis city where the game takes place. When a sudden incident forces her to abandon her rich, sheltered life, she ends up in the seedy lower district of the city ruled by gangs
PUBG has issues on Xbox One X due to depth of field and rendering of such things as the smoke trail left by Care Packages that reduces FPS making it a trawl that standard Xbox users don’t face. This also significantly impacts finding kit in buildings, jumping from the plane and landings which can go as low as 9 frames per second. Horrible!
A Funny Mock-Up
Playstation 5 rumours are rife at the moment for 2 reasons. Firstly there is word on the grapevine that DevKits have been released and secondly, CD Projekt Red’s next big project will be Cyberpunk 2077 and when questioned on the game at Pareto Securities Gaming Seminar It was confirmed during the Seminar that the game will be built on “current and next generation technology”.
Whilst this could mean anything it’s bound to point fans towards next generation equipment. You decide…

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