Bittboy Yellow Giveaway – 300 In 1 Handheld Retrolution

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Bittboy Yellow Giveaway










Howdy folk! Welcome to the all-new To celebrate our re-launch, we asked our friends over at @BittBoyHandheld on Twitter for some of their amazing ‘300 in 1’ handheld consoles to giveaway.

Now if you haven’t heard of this unit so far, well I have to ask ‘where have you been the last few months?’

We already did one giveaway on Twitter and Gleam and they seemed to love it. Therefore we’re doing three more, one different colour each week using the same tried and tested methods ie. Gleam.

Picture by PrestigeIsKey







We will be started with the beautiful Yellow version this week and the competition will run from Friday March 2nd to Friday March 9th 8pm GMT/UST.

The Bittboy comes pre-loaded with 300 classic games. We think it follows on from the roots of the original and highly appreciated Gameboy. The only difference here, is that you get all the games already. It features an excellent colour screen, super loud awesome speaker and is fully rechargeable for on the go gameplay. It also comes with a charge lead plus leads to connect it up to your TV. Come on who doesn’t like an even bigger and immersive experience? It truly is Plug and Play (well, if you want it to be) .

To enter, simply follow the Gleam Instructions below and feel free to check out our review

Deborah H AKA @WindWaker75 on Twitter was the winner. Congratulations!