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End of a Battle or the Start of One?

End of a Battle or the Start of One? Right in the middle of the Euro's, one of my friends was due to visit. Something both of us us had been on about for a long time, however due to Covid restrictions thats how it fell. We had this little deal on at the time.... bring your PS4 down and I have a VR plus a few games. The deal was that he plays Res Evil Biohazard (essentially so I can watch him get awkward). Anyways, we are about 3 days before his arrival and I had to go pick…

by Neil
July 28, 2021

Modern Warfare Update and Patch Notes June 30th

  Call of Duty Warzone today see's a roll-out of Modern Warfare Update and Patch Notes June 30th across all consoles and PC. Currently the Xbox update is confirmed at 31.83 GB and PS4 at 21.875 GB bringing a larger Battle Royale across Quads but leaving the other modes unchanged. Below are the full patch notes and bug fixes which include most prominently MP5: Decreased damage range Decreased 10MM damage range Reduced long range damage to 10MM ammo Slight recoil increase to 10MM ammo Grau 5.56 Damage range reduction Slight increase to high frequency recoil Reduced recoil compensation and decreased…

by Neil
June 30, 2020

Rebellion Unplugged Announce Sniper Elite Board Game in 2020

Rebellion Unplugged Announce Sniper Elite Board Game in 2020     Rebellion's latest arm Rebellion 'Unplugged' has touted a Kickstarter early 2020 for the indie AAA game Sniper Elite to have a board game. Whilst the move into board games comes as a bit of a shock for such a game, it will more than likely prove to be highly supported. I mean who doesn't love Sniper Elite? Personally I love them all plus the remaster (which maybe wasn't quite as great). Besides, do all board games need to be mystical repeats of Dungeons and Dragons? Hell no. Be sure…

by Neil
November 27, 2019

XIII Release Date Slips Back to 2020

After revealing the game’s teaser last April, Microïds and PlayMagic have announced a new release window for the game. The remake of the world-famous cel-shading FPS, which became a cult classic after its original release in 2003, is now set for a release in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac.    “We are thrilled with PlayMagic’s work so far. This additional development time is needed to reach the level of polish we’re aiming for. The announcement was greeted by an overwhelming response from the community and we’ll make sure to deliver the best possible game…

by Neil
August 9, 2019

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Official Announce Trailer

  The name was dropped on the Ubisoft Store yesterday, however today the actual trailer fro the upcoming release of Breakpoint has a live video, following the success of Wildlands. You are a Ghost, an elite spec ops soldier. Put your skills to test against your toughest enemy yet - your own brothers-in-arms. Play Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint when it launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 4, 2019. Pre-order now for guaranteed access to the beta.  

by Neil
May 9, 2019

Classic Cel-Shaded XIII Remake Due in November 2019

Classic Cel-Shaded XIII Remake Due in November 2019   It's certainly not every day that Developers announce a game remake that everybody adores, but it happened late last night when the news came that iconic cel-shaded anime story XIII shall be revisiting our doors for all modern consoles (X,P,S) as well as PC/Mac in November 2019 meaning there isn't so much as a year to wait but rather a mere 7 months. Many will have the original game still in their collection, as do I, because it was designed in a live comic book fashion akin to very little other games in…

by Neil
April 19, 2019

Respawn Announce & Release Apex Legends

Respawn Announce & Release Apex Legends Respawn, most famous for Titanfall and Titanfall 2, have (pretty much out of nowhere) released a free to play battle royale game called Apex Legends. Set in the Titanfall universe about 30 years after TF2, Respawn are keen to let players know that this is not a sequel but another game entirely and set in an area called the Outlands which features a bunch of characters following the usual Royale premise. The game is based around a 3 player squad with a total of 20 teams (60 player total) so... there's 40 dead over…

by Neil
February 5, 2019

Destiny 2 for 12 Dollars on Humble Monthly

  That's right, Destiny 2 for 12 Dollars on Humble Monthly this month (MSRP: $59.99) amongst the other games given which is a pretty astonishing bargain if you're a PC gamer. The rest of the list hasn't yet been revealed but there are 27 days still remaining so they will be drip-fed throughout the month. The game is redeemable on Blizzard plus, you can always just grab it this month and cancel right? Mind how you go and have a great bank holiday weekend.   Don't forget to check out our Cuphead PC / Xbox giveaway which ends Sunday 6th…

by Neil
May 5, 2018

Last Encounter Release Dates Announced

Last Encounter Release Dates Announced Last Encounter, the cosmic roguelike twin-stick shooter with extensive weapon customization from Exordium Games, will release on Steam 8 May, 2018, followed by PS4, Switch, and Xbox One releases in Q3 2018. Choose from a variety of ships and pilots then combine weapon components to create your own destructive devices. Join forces in 4-player couch co-op and destroy savage alien forces in this interstellar bullet hell. Check out our upcoming Tournaments section

by Neil
April 20, 2018
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