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End of a Battle or the Start of One?

End of a Battle or the Start of One? Right in the middle of the Euro's, one of my friends was due to visit. Something both of us us had been on about for a long time, however due to Covid restrictions thats how it fell. We had this little deal on at the time.... bring your PS4 down and I have a VR plus a few games. The deal was that he plays Res Evil Biohazard (essentially so I can watch him get awkward). Anyways, we are about 3 days before his arrival and I had to go pick…

by Neil
July 28, 2021

Mixer Streamers

We have added a new page to the site for Mixer Streamers we support. Simply click the top right link saying "Mixer Gamers" and you will see a list of streamers currently online or hosting other members they support after their stream ends. A list of 'currently online' Mixer streamers we support. If they are online, they will appear below. GaminGuys - EternalStephHD - PERS0NA - Chip1221 -  DeStache - ScottishRebel67 - Spankey - MidwayJami3 - DenxH FozzyYozzy  - MrBarackObonga

by Neil
May 11, 2019
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