Classic Cel-Shaded XIII Remake Due in November 2019

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Classic Cel-Shaded XIII Remake Due in November 2019

Classic Cel-Shaded XIII Remake Due in November 2019


It’s certainly not every day that Developers announce a game remake that everybody adores, but it happened late last night when the news came that iconic cel-shaded anime story XIII shall be revisiting our doors for all modern consoles (X,P,S) as well as PC/Mac in November 2019 meaning there isn’t so much as a year to wait but rather a mere 7 months.

Many will have the original game still in their collection, as do I, because it was designed in a live comic book fashion akin to very little other games in it’s era. Not only that but has been revisited by Hollywood featuring Bruce Willis on the big screen in epic film ‘Sin City’ since, making it a very cult type of game just for the graphics alone. If you haven’t played the original, please just believe me, when I say it’s also a great game and not just a one trick pony!

The game will be published by Microids and the game by Playmagic.

“We aim to craft the finest adventure for players and XIII is definitely in line with our publishing strategy,” said Francois Coulon, head of production at publisher Microids.

“Our goal is to bring XIII’s compelling story to a new generation of players with the best possible graphics and animations.”

PlayMagic will modernize the graphics, sound and animations while remaining faithful to the original look and feel. The gameplay mechanics are also being reworked, but will still “encompasses the original spirit of the game.”


Certainly one I will be waiting for. Take a look at the teaser trailer below. Also we have contacted PlayMagic for confirmation of physical / digital releases for each console.