Fortnite Fornication Xbox Tournament This Weekend

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Fortnite Fornication Xbox Tournament This Weekend

We are looking to host a Fortnite tournament on Xbox this coming weekend. To join here are the details:-

Date: Saturday June 1st 2018

Start time: 4PM BST (UK Time)

Players: 16 (selected fighters will join as a duo and follow the rules laid down)

Match frequency: Hourly (all matched bracket players play simultaneously so 8 games, 4 games 2 games, final – over 4 hours)

To view the Tournament details click here

To join the Tournament click here to go to our shop


Join as a duo and work together but ensure you get the most kills, knocks and least knocks on yourself. All members must send a screenshot of their final stats to be considered as the winner in the event of a score dispute.

All members should, where possible, livestream the match and have it archived available for viewing where requested.

-Every Kill is +5
-Every Assist is +1
-Every time you are knocked it’s -1
-Eliminated is -3
Win the match its +10 for every squad member still alive

Please tot up your scores from your stats and whoever is highest wins 1-0 – Disputed wins require screenshots from involved parties


Gain entry to our premium Fortnite Fornication game on Xbox Live.

Please follow all rules laid down in the game description. In the event of a dispute, evidence must be provided to back up your story or it will be ignored. Judges rules are final and all judges are GaminGuys staff as chosen by ourselves.

Stay safe and stream the game using your local provider.

In the event someone does not show up for a set game, the win will be given to the person that reports the issue if contact cannot be made within 20 minutes of start time or time of reporting by the other party so ENSURE YOUR GAMERTAG IS SHOWN IN YOUR EXTENDED PROFILE

All email contact should go to

Please avoid entering scores on a mobile phone until told otherwise as we have a bug fix pending. you can contact us to enter the score if you have no alternative laptop or PC. Please use the contact form provided in the menu.

1 competitor = £5 per person

The person you are drawn against is the person you need to duo with.

At game start, you can either work alone or work as that duo.

Winner will receive 85% of total prize pot. 10% goes to Tournament Manager and 5% to site for running costs.

Please read our terms and conditions before entering. Once entered you will be bound by our strict terms and conditions which waive your right to a refund once the tournament has started under most circumstances. Although the fee is an entry fee, we do stress that if you consider this ‘betting’ you do so responsibly. You are not betting, however, your financial situation is a high priority of the site.

Game Safe and Game Smart

We reserve the right to remove anyone from a tournament we feel is a threat to themselves financially.

Please note:- As this is our first paid tournament, we may not get an adequate amount of places filled. In the event of this, all paying members will roll forward to the following weeks tournament and we will add additional prizes or increase the winning amount. If you are not available on that new date, you can be fully refunded by using our contact form at the top of the page in the links with at least 24hrs advance notice. In the event of less than 16 players, the winner will receive 85% of entrants fee’s plus any additional prizes added by the site. Certain players may get a ‘bye’ in the event of uneven number of players and automatically move to the next round. It is possible this may happen for more than one round and the site will automatically allocate these based on algorithms used and is not chosen by website persons.