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    Neil Dyson

    Shooters and shoot ’em up’s are by far my favourite gaming genre – so on that note, what are your favourite shooting games? Here are a few of mine.

    Contra 2 on the NES because it’s proper old school alone time without those bloody messages coming through on Live.

    COD 4 on the 360 because we had such a large online presence with 5 teams and over 160 members. I also love Gears of War and the ‘Sega’ GOW styled Binary Domain (which not a lot of people know of).

    Black on PS2 was awesome however, the Xbox One X can play the backward compatible original Xbox version one amazing well and sharpens up the picture to HDMI standard via over-sampling wizardry. Blew me away for an unpatched game if I was to be honest.

    Goldeneye on the N64 well just because you get to play Bond. It’s pretty clunky looking back but I’ll never forget being able to scope in mega distances from my childhood.

    So there’s a few of mine, how about you?

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