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How To: Tournament Walk-through

So you want to join a Tournament huh? GaminGuys can do free or paid Tournaments and where applicable, tickets that cost money can be purchased from our shop.

You can follow this text based version below or watch the video. 

For simplicity, let’s take a look how to join a free Tournament.

Register or Sign In

Go to and on the top right of the homepage, make your selection. New Users without an account should Register.

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Users with an account will be asked to either enter their email and Password or select (if available) a Magic Link to be sent to their email address.

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Magic Link is similar to 2 Step verification. Simply click ‘Sign In’ then ‘Email Magic Link’. Enter your site (usually signup) email address and click ‘Send’

Now find the email from GaminGuys (check spam folder if not in your inbox and report as NOT spam with your email provider) and click ‘Login Now’

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Welcome. You are now a logged in site user (for 24hrs only with a Magic Link). Issues should be reported HERE

Adding Friends

For Team Based games and for social ability, please find and add your friends. You can find a list of site users under links at the top of any page under TEAM WARS > MEMBERS

Surf the pages until you find your friend and click their name box.

Once on their profile page, where it shows how many friends they have, a box to ‘add as a friend’ will  slide out if you hover your mouse over it.

How To: Tournament Walk-through

How To: Tournament Walk-through

This will send them a Friend Request which they can accept or reject. If accepted, you are now Friends. You will also get these requests in your mini-hub plus Main Hub and email if it is the other way round.

Your Hub

By hovering over your name top right when signed in, you will see your mini-hub inc. Notifications.

How To: Tournament Walk-through

By clicking your name, you will see your full hub, where you can edit your profile page home screen etc. See picture below.

This is your MAIN hub and is a good place to head, to see your current overview.

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Editing Your Extended Profile

Teams you may face will not know your Xbox/PS4 or other platform username. You can add these in your profile so you may be easier found.

Go to your profile and click settings

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Scroll down and add your Xbox, Playstation or other platform usernames ensuring they are correctly spelt then click Update.

Later on, when you create a team, you can add text box elements onto your page if you want, listing team member usernames, this will be shown in our ‘Advanced Walk-through’ later on.

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Creating a Team

For 2v2 games or more, you will need to create a team. You will see this listed in your mini-hub. Simply hover over your name and click ‘Create a team’.

How To: Tournament Walk-through

We are now using WPBakery (notice the chefs hat top left) to edit your page.

For standard users, your team template will load automatically (skip to ‘Adding Pictures/Media’)

For admin, you will select team template below

If you have never designed using WPBakery, please follow these steps exactly (for now).

On the Templates box, you will see ‘Team Pages’ under the heading ‘Default Templates’, click Team Page or the + sign on the right and wait a few seconds.

The site should now add the default template for Team Wars.

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Adding Pictures/Media

Below, You can now either upload a picture or select from (already added) pictures in the Media Folder if you have any for your banner image.

Simply hover on the wide banner and click the image.

How To: Tournament Walkthrough


I’ll choose to Add Media from my (already) created Library (media already present on the site that I uploaded)

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Now click your Team Picture and repeat the same process

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Editing Your Page Details

Now Click Team Name

How To: Tournament Walk-through

This will open

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Delete or Highlight the ‘Team Name’ Text then write your own Team Name.


Now CLICK ANYWHERE ELSE OUTSIDE THE TEXT BOX for it to search that nobody else has the same name already. (The Dev’s overlooked that nobody would know to do this)

You will see upon clicking ‘anywhere else’, it will search and verify if the name is free. ‘Save Changes’ will re-appear if it’s free so then click this to save your chosen name (or swap it, if the name is already taken).

Duplicate names are not allowed.

Once you find an original team name and have saved it, you can close the box by clicking the X top right of the box.

At any point you can delete the entire team by clicking the red X to the right of the Team Name to start over.

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Now, you may want to write a short brief about your team. Country, gaming interests etc

Hover over the ‘About Us’ area of text.

Please note, if you have refreshed at any point, you may have to start over. 

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Click the Pen (edit writing) symbol

Highlight and delete the ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text example and add your own words then save and close this box.

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Adding Games To Team Page

Hover over Games, this will bring up another green box so once again click the editing Pen.

(I have Call of Duty previously already selected in the picture below)

How To: Tournament Walk-through

This will bring up our games database list for Tournaments. Tick the Tournament boxes of interest and ‘Save Changes’ then close this.

How To: Tournament Walk-through

At this point, you are good to check over everything, live-edit anything else appropriately and hit save (top right of screen if happy)

Now click the Large X in the WPBakery Top Right Banner to exit Live editing. Let the end resulting page reload.

Here is the end result.

How To: Tournament Walk-through

Your friends must APPLY to join your team so we recommend pointing them to this tutorial. The Team Leader cannot send out invites to his friends (spam control)

In the event you want to edit further down the line, go to your mini-hub > My Teams > select the team name required, let the team page load then choose settings from the tabbed menu.

Please note: Clicking ‘settings’ when already in ‘Live Edit’ (WPBakery) mode will open a new page. Close this down and refer back to the original page.

An advanced User Walk-through for Team Page will be available shortly for a superior looking customised page with added information.

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