The Importance of Retro Gaming

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author image by Neil | 0 Comments | January 25, 2018
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The Importance of Retro Gaming

Every race we watched, we imagined it was us, but, then year’s went by and things changed. – Now those are actually words in the song Dangerous by David Guetta but the premise of imagining you was the character you played as a child was very real. The character in a lot of cases was an extension of you, whether that was analogue or digital, it’s also fair to say things change. Growing up and starting a family being one of the biggest and it is when all that has been done, you will truly understand the premise of retro-gaming.

It’s a love and lost situation that’s re-found, similar to marrying your childhood sweetheart aged 40.If you are 29, you may appreciate playing retro games but in a way that makes you just a player that enjoys retro-games not an actual retro-gamer. In my eyes a retro-gamer is more, someone that had to lose all their games due to raising a family and were finally able to re-buy (or get them out of storage) and pick them up AGAIN –  Again being the important word there. That’s the retro-gaming I know and love.

Retro-gaming is important in an ever technological world. It gets you out of a grind of watching social media, well, at least whilst you are playing, although you probably snapped a load of pictures somewhere in the middle. It’s an escape though.. and if it’s not, then you are not doing it right. Sure, you can enjoy it with friends, just not the rest of the world at the same time. That’s YOUR time to enjoy. It’s a selfish moment of space and fun you may not get very often which is why some grab it with both hands and tuck in to it like their kid does with their favourite happy meal.

It’s good to be selfish at times, it centres us and so long as it’s not hurting anyone, why the hell not? I say.

I’m blessed to be around so many retro-gamers on Twitter, it’s sometimes a good escape to dream and to reflect about the last time we played and the events that happened at the time. Some may be grateful just for a couple of hours of alone time, others may have had a fake sick day just so their partner buggers off to work, just to get it. Now don’t tell me you haven’t done that at least once. Ha-ha. Guilty your honour.

I don’t want to check my Xbox messages before I game every single time, nor do I want adverts placed to tell me what’s upcoming, I just want to focus on some good game-play and keep it old-school, simple and if you can’t appreciate that, well run off and enjoy your nervous breakdown.

Retro games are my man-cave. I don’t need a specific room to do it, I just need to be enveloped by the game and smile. Besides if it was a real cave I wonder how long it would take me to get to the fridge for snacks and a nice cold beer.