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latest gioteck offerings


We were fortunate recently to get some lovely new products sent to us courtesy of Gioteck. We’d kind of lost connection to the brand after one of our connections with the company left and moved on, so it was nice to re-connect after so long.

Plus, it was done in spectacular fashion, as we were sent not just one but three items from their range – so let’s take a quick look.


Nintendo Switch has really grown in the gaming community as a challenger to the Playstation and Xbox offerings, so it was nice to receive some items for this console. Tied in along with Minecraft Dungeons releasing a while ago, our first item is the Gioteck JC-20 Wireless Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

Gioteck JC-20 Wireless Nintendo Switch Controllers Gioteck JC-20 Wireless Nintendo Switch Controllers

The Gioteck JC-20 Controllers are engineered for gaming in mind. Perfectly shaped for you to play both in single controller mode, and in GamePad mode with the adapter included. Ergonomic design and precise button placement give you that edge during marathon gaming sessions. Both controllers connect via wireless Bluetooth. With motion control mirroring your every move and vibration functionality providing you with live feedback – the Gioteck JC-20 Controllers give you that true immersive gaming experience.

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Motion & vibration support.

Includes Game-pad adapter and 1 metre dual charging cable.

12 hour battery life.

Batteries required: 2 x lithium (included).


Next up, we have a Minecraft Dungeons inspired WX4 Premium Wireless Controller. I already had the black version of this controller and it’s very nice but I just love the skin on this, it really brightens things up.

Gioteck WX4 wireless controller

Another for the Switch and one of the latest Gioteck offerings is the WX-4 Wireless. Go Pro, and swap the Joy-Con controllers for the WX-4 – the ultimate in pro-gaming control for Switch. Our traditional design lets you game in comfort for hours. With motion and vibration compatibility, the WX-4 delivers mind-blowing, immersive gaming. GIOTECK – COME GET SOME.

Wireless Bluetooth.

Ergonomic design / Standard button layout.

LEDs for power and player number.

Motion & vibration support.

Batteries required: 1 x lithium (included).


To finish off, we received a wired version of one of the comfiest headsets I ever wore (HC5) but there were some issues with the USB dongle, so this offers an easier connection being wired.

The Gioteck HC2 Decal Edition offers a variety of skins that let you either have the Minecraft Dungeons Orange/Green, Grey or Charcoal colours. All 3 skins come in the box so choices must be made.

Gioteck HC2 Decal Edition Gioteck HC2 Decal Edition

Another of the latest Gioteck offerings is designed specifically for the new generation of consoles, Gioteck has created an unparalleled stereo gaming headset that delivers on features, quality and design. The unique HC2+ ear cups offer high quality digital game sound while the mic not only delivers crystal clear chat but can be removed for when you are on the move. This easy Plug & Play headset can be used on your console, mobile device and using the included 1 metre splitter cable, can also be used on your desktop PC.

Adjustable VR headband

Lag free Audio

Crystal Clear Chat

Extreme Comfort

Removable Mic Boom


Be sure to check your local stockists after checking out these fresh new products. Gioteck quality seems to be quite good right now and looking at the pricing, you shouldn’t be anything but happy compared to the pricing of first party offerings.

See you soon.


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