Play Safe Stay Safe PC Security Steam Competition

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Play Safe Stay Safe PC Security Steam Competition

Play Safe Stay Safe PC Security Steam Competition Play Safe Stay Safe PC Security Steam Competition


It seems every month we hear about high profile hacking of accounts in retail, however, some people get hacked just by visiting the wrong website or opening an email attachment. This could easily include all those that game on a PC/Steam so we thought we would help a few of you to play safe whilst staying safe.

This competition is for all of those gamers that may not have decent software to protect their PC. Now, I’ve used Glasswire and BitDefender for years and fingers crossed have had no issues. Bitdefender protects and Glasswire gives the visibility to see whats connected on your network.

We’re giving away 4 copies of Bitdefender Total Security 2019 along with 4 copies of Metal Tales – Fury of the Guitar Gods on Steam. Now maybe the title makes sense?

Good luck and happy safe gaming people! 🙂

To enter – All you have to do is post your PC/Laptop specs in the comments as shown below


Processor Type/Speed – i7-4790K @4.00GHz (your own as found by clicking windows tab/Settings/about)

Installed Ram – 16GB

Total HDD Size – 500Gb SSD with 9Tb storage


For contact purposes, you MUST register an account on this site so we have your contact details. Simply commenting as a guest will invalidate your entry.

An email will be required if you are chosen as a winner to send you a link and the game code

You may enter this competition only once per household

Competition ends Sunday 9th September 8pm BST, however we may announce some winners earlier than at the end so don’t delay.

If you are wondering why we want your PC or Laptop specifications, it is completely out of curiosity to see who is running what and no data will be used or shared whatsoever.

Due to GDPR 2018 law, we will only announce the winners display names and no other details.