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Clan Battle 4’s


Entry as a team member to a 4v4 Clan battle. Date and exact rules to be finalised.

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Bring a team of 4 and join our Gaming Tournament (use the contact form if no spaces available and we will allocate more team spaces).

Below are the currently added Tournament details which may be subject to change.

Tournament description

Head to head clan battle 4v4 Core Search & Destroy

Maps: 1.Crash 2. Talsik Backlot 3. Vacant 4. Rammaza 5. GunRunner 

Turned Off: Killstreaks

Frags, RPG’s allowed

£10 Buy-in per team member

First to 6 – wins game / Best of 5 games with breaks at end of Game 2 & 4

Winners take Prize-Pot

All payments to be sent as Friends / Family so fees are not incurred


In the event of the match not proceeding – all monies go back to the person who paid the fees as a refund.



Talsik Backlot



Gun Runner

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