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Buy TENGEN Dragons Fury Game (called Devil’s Crush for Mega Drive)

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TENGEN Dragons Fury

Buy TENGEN Dragons Fury Game (called Devil’s Crush for Mega Drive)

Condition 4/5 Unboxed (sticker now removed)

Please note this is a Genesis game which may not be compatible with standard PAL consoles but works on RetroFreak or Genesis

Tested/Untested: Tested via RetroFreak

Buy TENGEN Dragons Fury Game


The playfield of Devil’s Crush consists of a free scrolling pinball table three screens high. There are three pairs of flippers. The player can nudge/bump the table to influence the ball’s path. Using the tilt button too much will result in the game “tilting” and the flippers will stop working, causing a lost ball. There are many targets to shoot for and hidden bonus rooms.

In the Genesis version, after the player achieves the highest score and beats the table, there is a battle against a final boss and his minions on a much smaller table.

Devil’s Crush has generally been critically applauded. Damien McFerran of Nintendo Life noted the game’s audiovisual presentation, stating: “The graphics are really stunning, the designers were obviously smoking something strong when they created this game. The music is also noteworthy, with a brilliant main theme that never gets annoying or repetitive.”[2] Frank Provo gave an overall positive review in GameSpot, despite complaints about the pinball physics: “While the ball generally behaves like it’s supposed to, it does feel lighter than it should, and it will occasionally ricochet off a wall at an unbelievable angle. Unless you’re dead serious about your pinball, though, you’ll come to terms with the ball’s unique quirks real quick. The intricate table, the flashy visuals, and the surreal setting make it very easy to overlook a few goofy caroms.

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