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Adventures of Tron – Atari 2600

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  • Developer – Mattel Electronics
  • Publisher – APh Technological Consulting
  • Released – 1982
  • Genre – Action
  • Perspective – Platform
  • Theme – Arcade, Sci-Fi
  • Licensee – Disney

So a little about the game before I give my thoughts.  The image above is the title screen which clearly decides the game is actually called…Tron. It’s not!  The game is very basic, it’s a one player action game, and you have to guide Tron through a maze of platforms and strange bits flying through the air while doing your best to avoid enemies.

You have to collect these bits, which invariably speeds up the gameplay, in other words makes the enemies faster and harder to avoid.  You have to use elevators to go up a level, but you can not use the elevator on the same side. You have to jump across the beam in the middle of the screen to the opposite side and use that elevator to go up to the next level to collect these bits.  Sounds easy?  It isn’t, because The Recognizers and Tanks are after your blood. Fortunately you can drop a level to avoid them, don’t try jumping over them because you will lose one of your four precious lives…..and you really need them.  Once all the bits are collected, just run to the beam in the middle of the screen to be transported to the next level.

So the gameplay is a little…innacurate. Collecting the bits may seem like an easy task but quite often you can seemingly collect these bits and it just whizzes straight past you, even though the pixels clearly touch.  The easiest way I found to combat this is to be facing the bit in the first place. The enemies can be a pain, constantly causing you to retreat to the lower floor.  Be careful not to run into that beam because it will take you all the way to the bottom to start again, but at east the bits remain collected.  Watch out for them tanks because once they appear on screen, they fire and you have barely any time to react!

Graphically, it is just as you would expect from the 2600, not a lot of colours but I think they could have done a little more, maybe change the background colour from black to something more bright and fitting.  No music in this game, just the odd noise.

Despite the negativity here, its the challenge that kept me going with it. Because it can be so hard sometimes, you can’t let it beat you…its just a game right?  And for me, that is what makes this game fun, because you always get a little further each time.  I think the Android or iOS market could make a really good port of this game because it pushes you to do better and can be a little addictive…great for those lunchtime breaks, and if they included leaderboards and friend connectivity it would definitely be a seller.

My overall impression of Adventures of Tron, I liked it!  It was tough and it kept me going for a good few hours, but I really enjoyed the challenge and would love a good port with maybe updated graphics, with the option of the playing the original


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